Unraveling , Unsure, Undetermined

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Texas Death Row

July 12th, 2010  3:38am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Unraveling, Unsure, Undetermined!”

We have been on lockdown now for two weeks and this really is the slowest I’ve ever seen them move. It’s like they’re purposely dragging their feet. 12 building, which is designed to hold death row, is the only building the shake down has hit thus far and there’s still one Pod left… so if rumor has it correct population is to be next and that will put us all on extended lockdown for another two weeks. There is a Federal Law that states we can’t be on lockdown over 28 days without given recreation, so I believe we will reach that limit this time. I have no idea as to why they are moving so slow. Perhaps it’s because one of the camera guys (private contractor) was stabbed in the neck while placing up cameras on F-Pod.

Does anyone out there know why this facility has put 14 State prisoners on this Pod that is designed for death row only? For 3 weeks now there’s been 14 State offenders on our Pod and I don’t think that’s allowed. How can you house regular offenders around death row offenders? Just curious!!! Would you want your loved one around a bunch of condemned offenders with nothing to lose? I know I’d be concerned and angry if that was one of my loved ones. Food for thought. It’s worth mentioning!

Well let me touch base on the camera issue of the Polunsky Unit. They have just installed camera’s everywhere. This is to keep a eye on the guards mainly and it’s really causing a lot of them to get fired and others are now quitting their jobs and/or requesting to be transferred to other units in the Texas prison system. We have 44 cameras on this Pod alone and ever since these have went online the abuse has begun and grows worse day by day. Let me explain where I’m going with this topic!

I could care less about the cameras, they don’t affect me and they don’t bother me. These are positioned at the end of our runs and in the rec cages inside and out and facing in every angle to where the guards can’t sit, sleep and do nothing. There’s even one in the picket now. Everywhere. What does bother me is this new found abuse of sleep deprivation. Before the cameras went up we were given 5 hours of undisturbed sleep. Lights out at 10:00pm till 3:00am (when breakfast is served). Now all of the sudden we are being woke up every 30 minutes by these security checks and by the slamming of doors and by someone flashing the beam of their flashlight directly in your eyes. And every 2 hours we must give a verbal response, and you should hear some of these responses! WHEW!!

Everyone knows that sleep deprivation is a proven form of torture. It’s impairing to ones judgment and induces chronic irritability. Depression to paranoia and other psychoses! So what are they trying to do to us condemned? Are they trying to purposely cause us to snap and go off? Or is this to cause us to lose focus on our legal plights by denying us proper sleep and rest? I can already feel the effects and it’s only been two weeks!

I spoke to one of the sergeants a few days ago and asked him what the hell was going on with this sleep deprivation and he said I ain’t seen nothing yet! Just wait till y’all are off lockdown and the recreations start back up. Death row will be a 24 hour 7 day a week procedure. The lights will never go out and you will sleep when you can. He said WE have decided that’s the only thing we can do to get all of our things done according to policy. Folks you notice he said “We have decided”. And not “they have decided”, to keep death row open as a 24 operation.

If anyone out there knows that federal mandate on the required amount of sleep we are supposed to be getting I’d be grateful for that information and help.

We need y’alls help!

True American Till Death!

Mark Anthony Stroman

Living to die ~ dying to live!


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