“Lockdown-abuse-chaos and Pure Hell”

Death Blog

Texas Death Camp

July 1st, 2010 6:00am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Lockdown~ Abuse~ Chaos and PURE HELL”

We are on a lockdown once again and it’s far worse than I have ever seen it. Hello planet Earth, once again I’m here to give you details of this inhumane and ILLEGAL operations of Polunsky Unit. Tuesday June 29th the shakedown squad and property officer Ms. Smith raid our pod. Or shall I say “our” part of the pod. They hit the other side on Monday June 28th.

They arrive at our section with tables and “red bags” and a small wooden box which is 1x1x2 and start saying everything in your cell (excluding electronics and State issued clothes) must fit in this box or you will have it confiscated. That INCLUDES legal work and our just recently purchased commissary, (our pod went to commissary June 25th, 2010) and on June 29th they are taking the food they just sold us. That’s not the main thing I’m angry about but indeed the food issue is upsetting and wrong as hell!

As this story goes, all the other shakedowns prior to this have went like this: legal work is legal work and can’t be confiscated or placed in the 1x1x2 box. Food items and clothing also does not go in box, for obvious reasons. The food will be consumed in a few days! So all the sudden this rouge unit is trying to create a new rule! So I get all my stuff packed and ready and stack my legal work up by the door, which reaches my waist from floor up, that WON’T fit into the box, it’s absolutely impossible, so I ask Ms. Smith what’s going on and she happily says if it don’t fit you can’t have it, PERIOD!

I’m now in a fit of rage. I have a death sentence and my appeals are in full motion and these people are saying I’m about to have all my legal stuff confiscated and either sent home or destroyed! The Sgt. who is with this squad is “Sergeant Williams” and he is at my cell which is in front of the recreation cage where this operation is being held at. I explain it to him and he is the only one who is really trying to help defuse a bad situation that’s brewing. In the mean time the section next to us is being raided and searched and all those poor souls are having all their food and legal work confiscated at an alarming rate! A few people are being led off to F-Pod (jail for death row) because what’s happening is wrong and illegal and they are NOT going for it. So off to jail they go!

By now I’m in a rage and I got about 10 guards at my cell seeing a side of me they have never in the 8 years on death row knew existed. Sergeant Williams is doing his best to defuse a bad situation, I tell him to take my legal work is wrong and if you do y’all can gas up the van and execute me in Huntsville or in this damn cell today. He calmly says, hold on Stroman I’ll be back and we will work on this, he is very professional (Sergeant Williams). So a few minutes pass by and Sergeant Williams returns with the law libraryguy of Polunsky, and he tells me (the law library guy) that what WE can do is confiscate your legal work and we will hold it for 30 days until WE can find out what’s going on. Well now I’m in high speed MOSH PIT RAGE! Veins bulging, CRAZY MAN! you can’t take my legal work I say. He says you can keep what fits in the box. I say I need it all because I’m a capital case and my LIFE is at stake! Well I explode and start tossing arm full’s of 10X12 envelopes with legal documents all across my cell and saying “Execute me NOW then”. I ain’t hearing nothing at this point folks. I know what they are doing is wrong and so does Sergeant Williams. He once again calms me down to a point of hearing his words and says he will be back.

In the mean time others in the other section are having their stuff confiscated, food, legal work and clothing! It’s pure chaos!

Sergeant Williams returns a few moments later and says you can keep your legal work and we will get you proper paperwork or a legal box or pass saying you can keep it. Folks had I not stood my ground and had it not been for Sergeant Williams’ professionalism and great people skills I’d be on F-Pod and this place would of tossed out my legal work and the end result would be execution of me!

Also, I was told prior to the news of keeping it, all I could keep was what is current (I was told this by the law library guy) Until I’m put to death ALL my legal work is current. He wasn’t trying to hear it!

Now moving along to the other things of this shakedown, the ones who said nothing lost all their legal and food. The ones who went to F-Pod  Ms Smith took it upon herself to load up the 1x1x2 box with what she considered “level 2 or 3 property” and did this without the offender present. What didn’t go in the box was confiscated and they will have to send it home or Texas destroys it. these people lost ALL the food Texas just sold them days before. Personal photos, books, cards and cherished items. I am a mere few feet away and see all this from my cell. This one person’s family photos are all on the floor and the guards are walking all on them! Photos that are now in the trash and lost forever. Items brought  from the Ellis’ Unit- GONE FOREVER!

I lost about $25 worth of food and some paperwork in the ordeal and await the paperwork on the legal work. As well as the paperwork saying my food they just sold me must be sent home! Folks we were the first Pod they hit! What’s happening on the others is unknown to me. I speak of what I know is FACT! Sergeant Williams is the hero of the day! We need y’alls help to voice complaints!

True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman




4 Responses to ““Lockdown-abuse-chaos and Pure Hell””

  1. thomas walker Says:

    seem,s texas can do what it like’s it’s a pity there’s not a lot more people like yourself that will stand up and say stop.

  2. Danielle Allen Says:

    To contact the Mail Systems Coordinator:

    Jennifer Smith
    Mail System Coordinators Panel
    P. O. Box 99
    Huntsville, TX 77342-0099
    (936) 437-6336



    Ombudsman Coordinator
    General Issues concerning the agency’s operation and policy and procedures.
    P.O. Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342-0099
    (936) 437-8035 (936) 437-8067 fax

    TDCJ-Correctional Institutions Division
    Ombudsman Office
    Issues from the public relating to secure facilities (prison units, state jails, and substance abuse felony punishment facilities), and any specific concerns regarding offenders confined in these types of facilities.
    P.O. Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342-0099
    (936) 437-6791 (936) 437-6668 fax

  3. Petra Scheffler Says:

    Hi there Mark,
    Greetings from Germany ;-)))
    I wanted to take a moment and drop by with a few words.I just read your Blog about the lockdown… I am so sorry… But try to keep your head up,you are not alone in this struggle we are many right behind you all.
    Mark this whole system is so broken and sickening…
    I saw you several times in visit room when I visit my friends on the row and I was thinking… aha this is Mark who writes the blog ;-))

    Take good care of you,God bless you Mark and be sure you are in my prayers

    Petra from Alive

  4. Mark, I am sorry to hear about the lockdown. This is outragous! Taking the food the prison commisary should sold to you and your legal paper work makes me furious! I am going to make a copy of your three July blogs and send them to the Ombudsman-Brad Livingston!

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