“Playing dead”

Death Blog

Texas Death Row

June 12th, 2010 8AM

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

“We don’t rise to the level of our abilities; we fall to the level of our excuses.”

Well good morning people, the smell of death and gas is in the air. We have had a busy morning filled with chaos and confusion and death and chemical agents!! We had a person commit suicide on our pod this morning. Ronnie Neal, also known as “Tone”. He was clearly dead lying on his floor when the night security guards came through to do their security checks but the next part is what will get you. The ranking officials decided he might be “playing dead” so they gassed him and the amount of chemical agents used on this dead body has hurt the entire pod. Eyes burning, coughing, throwing up and all that good stuff. What the hell is really going on?

True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman

Living to Die, Dying to live!


One Response to ““Playing dead””

  1. Your blog makes me cry. Im from Holland and most of us think this is so wrong.

    I just dont know what to say.


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