“Trimming our claws”

Death Blog

Texas Death Row

May 18th, 2010 4:19am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Death is only but a doorway to a greater way of being”

Greetings from beneath the stairs, somewhere in a cage in Livingston Texas. The execution man has sent two more souls to the other side of the light, Kevin Varga and Billy Galloway were put to death last week and what it has done to this place is really amazing. The ones who have been in denial about the seriousness of being on the waiting list of Texas Death Row have now woke up. I’ve heard more talk of what’s going on then ever before. These two were not of the child killing, baby raping, female rapist fanatics that plague the headlines and all. When people think of death row one automatically thinks Hannibal Lector and sick twisted folks, but the ones Texas has killed are no worse then all the other convicted murder offenders in population. So how is that justice? How can you kill one or two but make plea bargains with others and say if you cooperate we will not seek death but allow you to have a life sentence?

Well to change the subject from death and gloom I’ll move onto another issue that is pretty damn amusing to me. Sunday night the Pod officers brought around the toe-nail clippers and since we are not allowed to have these it can be months before we are able to trim our claws and talons! So the officers get our ID cards and issue you a pair of numbered toe-nail clippers and in about 10 minutes they return to your cell and you must give the clippers back to get your ID card back! So as I’m sitting there doing my feet you can hear others doing the same, 14 souls cutting toe-nails sounds like a yard crew trimming bushes and branches. Mine were so long that each time I cut one it was like a projectile! Hell they aught to hand out safety goggles as well! The end result is so damn refreshing! The simple things are missed the most!

True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman, 2010

Death Camp USA


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