Another tale from a dead man

Death Blog

Texas Death Row

May 13th, 2010 3:51am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

“A real friend is someone who walks in, when everyone else walks out”

It was execution day in Texas yesterday and I’m not sure if the executioner has claimed another, the news has said nothing about if he was murdered or not but I’m almost positive he was. We have another one set for today and the feelings around this place are mixed and you can tell the condemned are now paying close attention to what is happening! I was listening to some guy in our rec cage talk about his visit yesterday and how he was in between two souls from the death watch section with dates for this month. He said it was so very emotional for him and his loved ones because the people on the sides of them were all crying. The family members, kids, moms, all so very innocent, but soon to be victims of a terrible thing and that is what is so wrong about all of this.

They just brought us our breakfast, someone put too much food on my tray. Eggs, biscuits, jelly, oatmeal and apple slices. Yes all the complaints on the way we were being feed has paid off and I thank you all for the needed help! Much obliged, got to go, must eat my scrambled eggs!

True American till death

Mark Stroman


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