A plea for help from Death Row

Death Blog

Texas Death Row

April 27th, 2010 2:32am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

“After the glory of existence comes death! And because that glory can never be replaced death must always be respected”

It’s a new day here on Texas Death Row. A last day for a condemned soul set to die in Huntsville this evening. The State also executed one of us on the 22nd of April. The smell of death is in the air and I don’t know what to say or to do anymore. To sit and watch these people treat us like animals then smile and joke with us sickens my heart and saddens my soul. All I can do is prepare myself for the crossover that will be coming for me.

This week has already been a bad one. The food issues at Polunsky have dropped to a all time low. I have not accepted a tray in 3 days due to the constant feeding of noodles or pancakes. It’s out of control! The whole death row is being fed little of nothing, out of the servings of what this place calls Chili Mac or Tuna Mac. You can sift through the noodles and maybe get a half of a spoon full of specs of meat. And the same goes with the Tuna Mac! Day after day, the same cold veggies and noodles and no meat. ¾ of the population is discarding the food, how is that a solution to what they call budget cuts? Noodles and pancakes, what a diet!

Someone please contact the food service administrator.

True American Till Death

HUNGRY for nutrition

Mark Stroman, 2010


2 Responses to “A plea for help from Death Row”

  1. Hi Mark,
    You say “killed One Of You” on the 22nd…but you also stated you hated rapists and child killers…that guy robbed a poor girl at an ATM who was pulling out 20 bucks, they caught the whole thing on the camera. He shot her in the face, jumped in her car, made her pull out 200 more dollars all the while her terrified bleeding face is horrified on camera, made her drive far away, raped her brutally (she then knew she was going to die so she asked for her baby brother’s picture which he gave her and they found later placed on her heart)…he then shot her 5 times in the face….
    He got a last meal, a priest to console him, some (insane) woman that met and loved him on death row…You said in an interview that you did what other Americans felt like doing…you are correct. I am also from Texas and felt anger as you did…I remember going up to the convenience store on 9/11 to get something and the two men behind the counter (who looked middle eastern) were laughing and joking in their language but then I heard one of them say 9/11 and they laughed harder…I was raging inside…I left without purchasing anything…In some ways, I understand how and why you would have snapped at such a horrible act…but to kill an innocent woman in such a brutal way…not all Death Row inmates are created equal…

  2. Good for you Jeff; my thoughts exactly! I watched it all happen on TV and was horrified! I could not have stood it myself if I had a loved-one there. I had night mares and saw my family and friends killed there, was extremely depressed, and cried about it a lot. I would dream I was trying to in there to pull my loved ones out but I saw horrible death all around me. The ones that were alive were in shock and I ended up in each dream fighting as hard as I could but could not save anyone.I am also a Texan. I am go glad I did not go into a convience store and hear them laughing; I’m afraid I would be where Mark is today. There are probably not even here legally and if they are, they are not loyal Americans (obviously) and should have been speaking in English (the AMERICAN language)! Annette

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