Execution Day

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Texas Death Row

March 30th, 2010  3:00am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

Execution day in Texas. The smell of death is in the air. A scent that’s a constant reminder that one day you will be strapped to the death gurney and for me that image is fresh in my mind, for I continue to have that “dream” of this event. I’m being strapped down and the sheet is being placed over me to conceal the restraints and then there is silence. And then I wake up in this place. Startled, like one of those dreams you have when you’re falling and you awake with that fear from within. Yes you all know that feelings.  WHEW! There’s plenty of time for grave markers and eulogies later… I’ll laugh while I can and enjoy every moment of life the good Lord grants me.

Red White & Blue!

I had a great day yesterday. I ventured outside and was able to get 3 hours of direct sunshine. My body absorbs this like a sponge now and took for granted in the land of the living. We could even hear the birds singing. We could see the small planes fly over and it was a feeling that’s hard to explain. My recreation is not only to exercise the body but to free the mind of all negativity that builds up in these small cages. This is a hellish place to be with a weak mind.  Here is hell and hell is here. Texas Death Camp.  What 2010!

The external world and the inside of one of these places, may it be a state facility, federal, county, City they do not have connection points based on humanity, psychiatry or penology, jails and prisons represent human and societal failure at its worst. Nothing more, nothing less! The conditions and ways of this place are set up to do one thing and one thing only, to separate aberrant and undesirable people and keep them invisible as possible until time to die, and the ones who have mental issues and weak minds go insane quickly. I watch this on a daily basis. The medicated zombies of this place are alarming to watch as they shuffle by to the shower. Hell my neighbor just yesterday realized that daylight savings time was on the 14th of March. 15 days after the face. He didn’t even know what day it was!

All of this is happening in the USA


True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman


Dying to Live, Living to Die!


5 Responses to “Execution Day”

  1. sandy gates Says:

    I really want to write Mark. Please send me an email so I can send my adress. I truley enjoy and love his work. Before I started reading his posts and journals I was all for the DP and now I am against it toltally!
    Mark is so very kind and commassionate and true to what he is doing here.
    I think what he did was horriable but we all, everyone have moments in out life we wish could go back and change. The crime was not thought out and was done in a moment if insanity and this is something everyone can relate to. Sure not murder but we do things without really thinking when we are in thatt state of mind and they cant ever be undone but human compassion needs to be alive in our society instaed of the hate and revenge. They hide the bad awaay from us,the condtions you live under is no showing an ounce of human compassion, what does that say about us , society?? It is all so very sad and to read that Mark cab find some kind of happiness is beyond me.
    I wish hime the best:)

  2. mark i cannot comment on this but i wrote u a long letter with how i felt about what u said hugs xoxoxox

  3. hey there if u want to write to mark his mail addy is

    mark stroman 999409
    polunsky unit dr
    3872 fm 350 s
    livingston tx 77351

  4. hi i just called polunsky unit complained about the mail mark so hopefully my letters will get on mixed up and they ll be giving u my letters i complained and yes u are welcome i will write u again soon much love misty

  5. Dan Reed Says:

    Hi Mark I was shocked to hear how bad the food conditions were thats totally unacceptable and inhumane in my opinion I don’t condone the death sentence in anyway shape or form as far too many innacent people on death row and I get infuriated when police and us gov look into cases when condemned criminals has been put to death to find they did do the crime they were accused of in the first place!!! george bush snr and jr should be put to death in my opinion as they seem to enjoy putting people to death like they skittles I get infuriated when 1 to 4 wks later to real killers to come forward knowing full to well they did the crime and innocent people have been put to death and they come forward after knowing too flaming well they cannot be tried by judge or jury I think the death sentence in the states is a very unsafe punishment in my opinion as too many miss mistaken of identity’s and too many innocent being killed by their own country. In my opinion Obama is not reviewing the death sentence laws quick enough as he promised to take the choices of death sentences and pardoning off us governors and bring it back to central gov at washington in which I think is better than local governors choosing ether let prisoners die or halt or pardon inmates personally I hope obama with scrap the death sentence sooner than later. As far too many innacent are being put too death especially in texas and whom lives the BUSHES whom put more people to death than any other us county. Which personally wouldn’t be proud off at all I remember george bush jr saying hes lead by god though prear in which is fact they are no gods and shouldn’t of have used the church to say that guided or made them make that choice as to me they just enjoyed killing people i say which is totally evil and wrong personally

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