Sunrise on Death Row

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Texas Death Row

March 19th, 2010 3:49am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dad man!

Thank ya Jesus for allowing this ole’ Texas Rebel Redneck one more day of life, for no matter where it is I awake or lay my head, I know for a fact that this nightmare is only but a path to a true blessing and I will continue to “walk it proud” and “talk it loud”. The American way and when I do get to that final destination that cross’s me over into the next phase of existence, the learning process of life would have been completed with each day I absorb more knowledge and that shallow minded fool I once was is slowly fading away. Who would have thought that the trail of blood and tears would have opened my eyes so wide? Life is Beautiful!

Yesterday morning I sat in the ole’ cell of doom and gloom and was not sure what to do, workout, write, read a book, read the newspaper or just look at all my photo albums. So I did the unexpected, I got up on a stack of legal work and books and watched the Texas Sunrise. And what a cool sight that was. Absolute Beauty! I was left speechless and as I sat there with my headphones on listening to some great music and a million miles away from this hellish place when this small bird lands on my window sill. I was like a small kid, instantly I’m all smiles and inches away from this tiny bird who just stood there and looked at me. So there I stood, on Texas Death Row and looking at an awesome sunrise a cute little bird and I then knew for a fact I was the happiest soul alive. Nobody will ever break me. I stand tall and proud. How about you?

So moving on to another subject, yesterday a condemned rapist was in our recreation cage, so I’m in my own zone minding my own bizness, enjoying my day when all the sudden the news reports a case that’s just been denied. And it’s this guy who’s in our sections rec cage walking in circles. And I’m not the only one who was listening to the radio because at that same moment several people told this person the bad news. The condemned soul stopped walkway and just sat down, with a look of defeat upon his face.


How about that folks?

True American Till Death

Red, White and Blue

Mark Anthony Stroman

Living to die, Dying to live!


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