March 11, 4 am reflections

Death Blog

Texas Death Row

March 11th, 2010 4:00am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

The smell of fresh coffee is in the air, but it does not cover up the stench of death. Today is execution day and as I sit here and listen to my radio enjoying my coffee and morning time I can’t help but wonder what this condemned soul is doing on his final morning. How does one face this? Is he praying to God? Is he writing final goodbye letters or perhaps hate mail? Or is he pacing his floor like a wounded animal ready to strike at anything and everything? Perhaps he is perched up on his bunk looking out the window, thinking of past failures and regrets. No one really knows what goes through the human mind at a time like this!

I heard someone in our rec cage just yesterday saying that life is a wounding, an accumulation of pains and maiming’s and grief. We heal as we can, bear them as we must until the weight grows too much to bear and we go down into the earth. I sat and thought of what this young kid said and it shocked me. There was nothing about love or happiness in his little sermon, I for one have had a lot of negativity in my life, but the happiness and love and good times outweigh anything else. I guess I’m one of the fortunate ones back here in the doom and gloom halls of Texas Death Row. The place one sits and awaits his fate. Death, execution, justice, hate, sadness and on and on and on…


True American Till Death

Mark Stroman, 2010


2 Responses to “March 11, 4 am reflections”

  1. mark i care huggies xxoxoxoxox misty

  2. I also care. I just do not know what I can do; but I know this, you do not deserve death! The world will be a loss without you, your smiles, happy, laughing personality. All you did was start the war, unfortunately they were not the actual attackers…but, they do look alike.
    I would live to see you do “Thee Redneck Shuffle”…especially in the free world!!!
    Annette – Austin, Tx.

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