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March 1st 2010  6:30am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

As we all step into the new month of March Texas has plans to march four souls into the death chamber in Huntsville Texas. This month and the next few after are going to be extremely busy for the Executioner. As a lot of you know, I have strong beliefs and despise child molesters and rapists of our lands, and have that “Old West” justice attitude even though I’m on death row myself. But that is not what I’m about to go into. What I do want to talk about is how the death machine, the vicious cycle of what is called Justice for some, murder for others, only causes more victims.

Let me explain, this past Saturday night I was at a visit and several of the doomed souls set to die this month had visitors as well and as I sat and waited for my friend to arrive, I suddenly realized that I’m in between two separate families visiting their loved ones. On each side of me the person has a date for March and will be gone in a few days time. Executed by the State. As I sit there I can’t help but hear the condemned souls words and see their loved ones. I saw small children in tears, crying and sad. A look of confusion on their little faces. I also see the adults with tears rolling down their faces. Doing their best to hold it together but the tears still fell. A million thoughts raced through my mind, this vicious cycle of American Justice is causing more victims. No matter what you or I think about the condemned, no matter what horrible act they committed, the fact is it’s causing more innocent people to become victims, those small kids crying are etched into my mind forever now.


We live in a mean ole world. We will execute to show that killing is wrong, and then shout Justice was served but how do we as a Society explain that to them little kids I saw in tears Saturday night, they have become victims. There’s definitely something wrong here and it leaves my mind in turmoil.

True American Till Death

Red, White & Blue

Mark Anthony Stroman, 2010

Living to Die

Dying to Live!


3 Responses to “New Victims”

  1. Sweetpea Says:

    Dear Mark, What on earth did you do to get on death roll? Your picture looks like you are a nice guy and fun loving. You also speak of justice and loving the old days. You are fortunate that you have friends visiting you. I do not know how you stand being on death roll so many years. You seem to want to live everyday in that hell whole yet I would think you would want to get the dreaded day over with. I would not be able to stand the wait nor being on death roll. I have a loved one at Polunsky also.

  2. sweet pea i agree i would want to not wait either i wouldnt want to live int he conditions mark lives in either . it is sad that little children have to witness such brutallity and watched there loved one die its awful and i dont know how u could expect to tell a child something like that if i were a little kid i think i would be devistated i think mark is right , the kids are all victims and there isnt a sense in killing anyone its not right either way . they will have there day to when they will be judged i am talking about the executioner and the warden i hope they can live with what they have done even if the state told them to do that it is just WRONG to let anyone die and dont even get me started about the corupt system the state has cause i dont want to go there just my two cents mark u be strong honey ok smile hugs n kisses misty

  3. and they call themselves Christians….


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