Blissful sleep !

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Texas Death Camp

February 22nd, 2010  12:01am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man

Good morning. I’ve just recently returned from a 10 hour sleep and my mind and body feel so refreshed! This type of luxury, un-disturbed sleep does not happen too much on Texas Death Row. And I know there’s a lot of folks out there in the land of freedom that assume we on the inside could just sleep all we want, well only if you are one of the medicated zombies they have in here would sleep come so freely as if blinking of the eyes. We are in a concrete tomb which echoes all sounds and makes the normal sounding conversation sound as if it’s being yelled out. Then of course you have the steel gates and iron doors being opened and shut. Sometimes even slammed hard enough to rattle one’s teeth. So when I laid down at 12 noon on Sunday and woke up at 10pm. I was at a loss for words, then did the happy dance, the rebel yell indeed because I have done something Texas Death Row officials don’t want us to do, have normal sleep that leaves the mind and body refreshed.

Well now let me tell you the latest rumor I’ve heard, we had an execution set for the 24th of February, Hank Skinner is the name, but I have heard from the grapevine of prisoner to prisoner talk that he has received a 30 day stay, not sure if that’s true or not, but if it is, that’s great for his legal plight and legal team. There does look like the prosecution in his case has dirty hands and are about to be exposed at foul play. Only time will tell.

I’ve said this several times, to be on death watch is a real torture I’m sure. To be on that final countdown, scratching days off your calendar or within your head has to be overwhelming.  But to have a 30 day stay added on is something I wouldn’t want. I hear a lot of people trying to sound all rough and tough when they talk about death and dying and their execution, and I have to smile and laugh. No matter how men or how hardened one thinks he is we as humans, even monsters, and pedophiles have that self preservation switch on the inside that automatically is turned on during trying times.

True American

Red, White and Blue

Till Death


One Response to “Blissful sleep !”

  1. im glad u got blissful sleep ;0) , yes its true hank skinner got a 30 day stay so i guess its good news to some only time will tell if he did or not and they can prove his innocence . i am glad u got some good sleep that makes me happy to hear hopefully u had good dreams too hugs love misty

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