2.59AM in cell on Death Row

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Texas Death Row

February 18th, 2010  2:59am

Welcome to my nightmare, Tales from a Dead Man!

I start the day off by trying to get the voices from inside my head on a positive note, pointed in the other direction so I can find my happy place, one of my favorite times, warm and cozy and safe, morning time. I pity anyone who is not a morning person. It’s truly one of life’s pleasures if I’m still able to find peace in it from where I sit, then just imagine what you could do to make yours a magical event. I can still close my eyes and feel the coolness of the mornings when I would go outside and enjoy my first cup of coffee on the front porch, listening for the silence to be shattered by a small chirping cricket. Or the morning paper to be tossed into my yard by a smiling face of a kid on his bike doing his paper route. Ah, the memories are still so fresh. I refuse to let this place or my death sentence take what little humanity I still hold onto.

I’ve done my morning rituals, washed the face, brushing of teeth and a short prayer and a few moments looking at the photos of my loved ones I have out on display. Past and present loved ones. It gives me a true sense of happiness to do this now because I realize I have had a blessed life and still have a blessed existence. Yes I sit here on the busiest death row in America but when I weigh out the bad times, compare them to my good times, it’s amazing how grateful it makes me feel. What’s sad though I also realize I’ve caused some pain in many lives after September 11th, 2001. That’s very hard and on my conscience more than ever. Those are the voices I hear. Sad but true!

Well that’s all I have to say for today. More to follow

True American Till Death

Dying to live, Living to Die

Mark Stroman

Texas Death Row


3 Responses to “2.59AM in cell on Death Row”

  1. I have been following Mark Stroman for a short time. He mentions that he caused pain in many lives on 9-11-2001. I would like fo know what Mark did. I would also like to know how long Mark has been on death roll.
    I have a loved one at Polunsky also.
    Thank You, Annette

  2. mark i love this blog post makes me want to close my eyes and remember all the mornings i had with my mom . god is good everyday and i thank him for u and for every breath i take . i know its hard to post but i am glad u do it makes me aware of how u are doing and know that other may forget to remember u but i will never forget you . love and hugs forever misty

  3. This makes me think of our Sunday mornings together and how much we enjoyed them. They were just for us to drink coffee and spend some time together. It is one of my best memories with you. Loving you Sunday Morning.

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