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Texas Death Row

February 12th, 2010  6:05pm

Welcome to my nightmare, Tales from a Dead Man!

As I sit here with my mind in turmoil I try to shake the polka dot giraffes from out of my head and put this pen to paper. It’s been many days since I’ve been able to function or have any positive thoughts, I have things inside me that scream and shout and their hard to send away. But this is a start I guess.

I’ve been pacing my floor this evening, doing my own kind of time inside my own head. Radio on, head phones, classic rock playing which is now 80’s & 90’s music, and I suddenly look out my cage door into the recreation cage that’s centered in the middle of our 14 cell section and I see this young black kid walking in circles. He’s maybe 25 years old and out of Tyler Texas. He looks like any youngster and you’d never in a million years guess what he has done if he stood next to you at the checkout line at your local store. This person raped and killed a 93 year old lady. It still chocks me. WHEW! Frail little old lady.

I see the human faces and see a level of evil most can’t even comprehend. Harboring thoughts and memories of a kind you never want to guess at. Please Lord, let me wake up from this nightmare.

True American Till Death

Red, White & Blue

Mark Stroman

Texas Death Row


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