Texas Death Row

February 1, 2010 1:58pm

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

Well hells bells, never a dull moment here at the death camp of Polunsky. It’s a new day and I’m disgustingly cheerful this morning. It don’t cost to dream, not a dime and I had about 10 hours of undisturbed sleep and the dreams were absolutely wonderful, to many to speak of. It was indeed a blessed night of peace for me.

Now let me get into the events of this crazy and evil place of death and gloom. We are on a lockdown and have been since Saturday morning, we started out the day or should I say the early AM hours on lockdown due to an attempted escape at the Polunsky Unit. Yes you hear right, never a dull moment. 5 inmates from Population tried to take flight in the night and were almost to freedom but the night guards on patrol foiled their plans and opened fire on them. Yes gunfire and 3 inmates shot from what I’ve been told two are in bad shape after being hit with a shotgun blast. We are lockdown and will probably remain that way until the heads of State can figure out what’s what and who is to blame. Surely the blame must go to whomever is in charge of the Kitchen. Them pancakes will make men take flight every time.



True American till Death

Mark Stroman 2010


One Response to “Lockdown!”

  1. There are five known men who attempted to escape. My question is: Why are all the inmates at Polunsky Unit being punished when they were not involved?

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