Just another day on Death Row

Death Blog

Texas Death Row

January 27th, 2010 3:07am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

I’ve taken into my lungs another breath of hell. A new day is upon us. It could trigger the demons inside my head which have been laying dormant for a while. I’m unraveling. Good Morning Texas Death Row. What a great day to be alive.

Yesterday turned out to be really rotten and two people on the section over had the worse end of it. About 11am the riot squad was called in to extract a man from his cage. Rank arrives, attempts to resolve the issue, and then uses chemical agents. Four long bursts over a few minutes time. Our air is turned off on the pod, the pod officers are coughing and puking up their insides, just like the rest of us. The 5 man team with gas masks, shield and helmets are ordered in. They take down this gassed soul, wrestle him to the ground. The pod is in chaos.

The air is still hard to take in 20 minutes after the 1st major use of force so we all sit in our cells with towels over our faces then it starts up again. Another condemned soul, who refuses to come out of his cell, this guy is a child molester and not well liked by guards or inmates. The 5 man team is at his cell, gassed up and ready to go. The gas is applied the team runs in, now the pod is back in a state of chaos and the air is hard to take in. Eyes burning, nose running, sneezing, coughing. Oh what fun!

So onto a new subject, as the day inches forward, the air is better but the tempers are hot. I’m kicked backed, reading a magazine, in my own world, one of my favorite time and places, warm, cozy and safe, when all of the sudden the crazy nut a few cells down who has been on death row since 1980, yes 30 years, Cedar Fierro starts banging on his metal table and won’t stop! It sounds like a huge gong, all day and all night the medicated crazed person has yelled and screamed, it’s hard to focus!

True American Till Death

Red White & Blue

Mark Stroman, 2010

Living to die, dying to live


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