Tales from a Dead Man

Texas Death Row

January 26th, 2010 3:43pm

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

I made it through another day and start a new one with cold food again. The warmest thing on this tray is the damn milk. Yes it’s a constant problem on this Unit or let e rephrase that, it’s a constant problem on 12 building Polunksy Unit, Texas Death Row. The food carts are non-operable. Let me explain, slop is made in the regular kitchen in general population then it’s put in stainless steel pans and placed in huge carts, when enough is prepared to feed all of 12 building its pushed in a huge convoy out of some building to the open air (outside) and wheeled up to 12 building. Which it then sits outside until the officers who run the x-ray machine can run each pan through the conveyor belt machine (airport style) so by the time this process is done the food is ice cold. Then it’s put into the hallway and other prisoners (general population) unload and start dishing out the food on the trays which are placed in food carts that heat up. But these are not microwaves, the food is and has been served to us ice cold. That’s a typical meal on 12 building. 90% of the food carts are non-operable!

Well I just scratched off another day on my calendar and it’s amazing how fast the month of January has slipped by. I also have a new execution list and see some names of several people who have got to this place after me and are now down on death watch with execution dates.

Here is a list of current dates:

Scheduled Execution Last Name First Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth
2/24/10 Skinner Henry 999143 04/04/62
3/2/10 Sigala Michael 999397 12/11/77
3/11/10 Maxwell Joshua 999408 05/17/78
3/30/10 Alix Franklin 999286 08/06/75
4/20/10 Bustamante Samuel 999380 12/11/69
4/22/10 Berkley William 999422 01/16/79
6/30/10 Green Johathan 999421 12/23/67
7/1/10 Perry Michael 999444 04/09/82

And I have a bit of other information I’d like to share!  2009 Unit States Executions:

Texas    –   24

Alabama – 6

Ohio      –   5

Georgia –  3

Oklahoma – 3

Virginia – 3

Florida – 2

South Carolina – 2

Tennessee – 2

Montana – 1

Indiana – 1

Total= 52

Well folks that’s about all for this round.

True American Till Death

Red White & Blue

Mark Stroman, 2010

Dead Man Talking


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