The New Year On Death Row

Death Blog ~ Texas Death Row

January 5th, 2010  3:30am

Welcome to my nightmare. Tales from a dead man.

Well hello planet Earth, happy 2010 to you all. My day has started out with the normal ritual’s, a silent prayer, the scratching off another day of my new calendar that sits next to the execution list, it’s to help remind me that more than likely I’m gonna have a really rotten day! It’s arctic like weather conditions in this concrete cell and we Texans have an issue with the cold weather but there’s something about having a concrete floor and ceiling, concrete walls, a steel bunk to sleep on and a thin mattress that sends the coldness straight to the soul.

Well speaking of coldness it’s execution time again in Texas. Yes folks we have two set for January and one for this week. The Holidays are over so let the executions begin. We have one person who is set for January 12th, 2010. Gary Johnson. And last Saturday night I was blessed with a visit again and I saw Gary out there again, which is rare because he hardly ever receives visits. He is also 90% blind and has to be led around and has his hands cuffed in front, not the behind the back cuff like the rest of us crazed killers. So this man has a sergeant with him when he’s escorted anywhere because he is no threat to anyone and it’s clear as day he is blind, but that matter’s not in Texas. The reason I bring this man up again is this, he sat here for years and years with no family mail, love or visits but all the sudden now he has a date for death and all his kids and family are rushing to see him. Or as we call it here, to clear their conscious. It’s sad but that’s life on the row.

Well I just have all the proof I need to determine this is a really rotten day, CHOW TIME… CHOW TIME! Cold pancakes, 3 gooey prunes and a clump of grits. What a great day to be alive.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman, 2010

Living to die~ dying to live


2 Responses to “The New Year On Death Row”

  1. be strong mark im here for u i care !

  2. Hello Mr. Stroman…you are friends with my dad.
    His name is Chris! I’m writting you a letter. I hope you get it!

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