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December 25th, 2009  6:23am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

Christmas Morning

Well it’s finally here, as I sit here with the radio on, listening to some old classic Christmas tunes I’m actually in a good mood. No voices, no demons and no other distractions. The condemned around me have went to sleep after a loud and somewhat cheerful Christmas Eve. No one can get angry if someone is loud on a Holiday. Hell for many it’s their last so all’s understood. At 1:00am the two female guards passed out half of our morning meal, an apple and orange. At 1:00am. Aaarggg…. then at 3:30am we all got a boiled egg, small milk and frosted flake cereal. Our Christmas meal of the day will be fed to us at 8am or 9am. I’ll list  what we get so all the readers can see how we spent Christmas on Polunsky Unit. Home of Death Row.

Yesterday was a rainy Christmas Eve day in Livingston Texas and I was sleeping good until I realized the sheet and blanket I was covered up with was wet. No I did NOT wet myself in my sleep ( Thank God), but the rain was flowing down my wall in about 9 places and the sheet and blanket was absorbing most of the rain. What a wonderful way to be awakened. The day was a rotten one at first. Then the mail room ladies came thru and that did do some good for me. One of the nice smiley faced mail room gals had on a Santa hat that said “Angel” and was all smiles. The other one had reindeer antlers on and just as Happy. Their smiles were priceless and paved the way for a somewhat Happy Day. A Death Row Day!

Now since it is Christmas Morning I want to travel back to the past when I was just a little guy. When I lived with my Mom and Stepdad I always looked forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving because we always went to Grandma and Grandpas (who later raised me) and I remember being so excited because my Grandpa (who I called Robert and named my son after later in life) was my all time favorite person and my hero and pal. I was about 5 or 6 years old or maybe 7 but on Christmas it was a special time. We always got lots of gifts, my Grandpa owned a construction company and was well to do, so he spoiled us kids. But he always pulled me to the side and handed me a dollar or sometimes a five dollar bill and told me not to tell my sisters. So I put that money in my pocket and was the happiest little guy in the world. I shared this huge secret with my Grandpa, no one else knew. It was like I had the secret to the Universe in my pocket. I was proud! All during the day, each time my Grandpa aw me, he’d smile and wink at me and I knew that meant we shared this secret. My hand would instantly go to my pocket and make sure that dollar was still there. Memories are a beautiful thing. Hell I got tears flowing down my face right now!

The first phase of the meal has just brought smiles to our face. It’s what the State called the cold tray. Which is a paper plate/tray with the following items:

3 small sweet pickles

1 slice of strawberry cake

1 slice of chocolate cake

1 serving of apple cobbler

1 serving of peach cobbler

Will report more as it arrives.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Now it’s about an hour later and the regular meal has been brought to us and I am impressed and grateful and happy about it. They did good and have fed us like humans. It contains the following:

1 slice of brisket

1 pork sausage link

dressing/stuffing with gravy

cranberry sauce

baked beans

tator salad (potato)

corn and green beans

And for the nights meal they have handed us two salami sandwiches. So all in all there’s gonna be a lot of fat and happy people sleeping soundly in a few hours. And that folks is how Christmas was dished out to us on the Polunsky Unit.

Peace on Earth

May the New Year be just as good for all.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman, 2009

Dying to live, living to die

Texas Death Camp


One Response to “Christmas Day on Death Row”

  1. dear mark,

    finally i have found your blogs, it`s so good to read your tales, your words.

    i hope my letters have found you and that i will get an answer as soon as possible!

    always … sabrina

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