Christmas On Death Row 3

Death Blog

Texas Death Row

December 20th, 2009  6:00AM

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

Happy New Year to All! The day has started out and I’m surprised that this Sunday morning is still very peaceful and quiet. Time to collect one’s thoughts and explore the memories of the past. I’ve tried to listen to a few Christmas songs this morning but can’t get into the Spirit at all. This place is killing all the human emotions I have stored from within. But for my loved ones and friends I’ll continue to hold onto my sanity. Regardless of how loud the voices inside my head scream and try to give instructions. I will survive and hold strong!

Yesterday my hometown football team, the Dallas Cowboys beat the undefeated New Orleans Saints 24 to 17, BIG SMILE! WHOOP WHOOOOOP!  I also has a nice visit last night and was extremely shocked at what I was blessed with, not only did I have a good two hours at visits but had a huge seafood and shrimp salad, full of crab meat and shrimp. I have not had this type of luxury since my freedom days. Awesome!

True American Till Death!

Mark Stroman


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