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Texas Death Row

December 10th , 2009  5:00am

Welcome  to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

Howdy folks! Good  morning from a small death row cage in Texas   where the hopes are few and the nightmares are many. Our days   has begun again  with gooey pancakes , grits  and applesauce and a sour faced guard  who is just as miserable  as most of us in this place.  I had a good week , 8 hours of visitation  from a remarkable ,man in  New York  whom I respect with all my  being and who  changed my views on a lots of things . Mr. Ziv , I am honored and  Thankful!

I want to tell a little story  of something  that happened  the other day.  I went outside  from my recreation  time and this  is an outer cage surrounded  by concrete  walls  and bars on the top and a steel  mesh fence separating the yard  in two halves.  All we can see  is the sky. So I am out there and there ‘s another  convicted  killer out on the other side  and we are walking around and talking and trying to forget  about our miserable  existence and enjoy  our time out of our cells.  So we  are standing out here  and talking when all of a sudden  this big ole Texas  bug comes  crawling  out of someplace  and on  reflex  I stomp on it  and then  me and this  other  condemned  convicted killer  look at one another  and he feels  what’s showing on my face  and he said , did you  have to do  that? I replied no, I didn’t  and wish  I wouldn’t  have done it.  Ain’t that crazy?  Here  we are waiting to be killed by Texas and we both  realized  that little ole bug  had the right to be there to live and I killed it. WHEW!

As  for another topic that is news to all of us here is the decision to change  the method of execution in Ohio. This state is the first to wade into uncharted  waters. They  have ok’d  the switched  , and I ‘ll try to give  ya a  bit of history on this. The man  who is considered  the “father” of lethal  injection in the United States  is Doctor Jay  Chapman who  developed the three drug cocktail in the 1970’s when he was  the Oklahoma  State Medical Examiner.  He has said  that Ohio’s decision  to become the first   State  in the Nation to use only one drug achieves that goal. Chapman who is  in California  at the age of 70 and semi -retired  said that  hope was that the new injection would avoid the pain  and suffering argument and allow executions to take place.  The  new drug is a single  large dose  of  “Thiopental Sodium”, an  anesthetic  to put inmates to death , similar to the way  veterinarians  euthanize  animals.

So what does this mean? Not a damn thing to Texas. It will take an act of God to get Texas  to change  those this new method.  22 killed in 2009. How  many in 2010?

True American  Till Death

Mark  Anthony Stroman



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