Death Blog

Texas Death Row

December 5th, 2009 4:15am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a Dead Man.

Greetings from a very cold and chilly Texas Tomb of misery. Our day as most of you know has started with the same cold raw pancakes, cold watered down coffee and 5 raisins. Well bless my heart, someone must be in the Christmas Spirit, 5 whole raisins, WOW! I do think I’ll eat one now and save the other 4 in case I get hungry in the next 15 minutes What a great way to start out a rotten day!

Talking about rotten days, its been really hard to focus on anything the past week or two. The loudness of our section and the sleep deprivation is overwhelming it’s all due to someone in charge ordering these officers who work the pods to make sure everyone is racked up before chow is fed. Which means this: first wave of recreations go out, and by 9am it’s time to rack up those first recs (place back in cells_ and since someone has said no one can be in a rec cage while the feeding process is going on they leave the second wave of recs in the cells and await the chow cart to arrive on the pod. By the time the feeding process is completed and trays picked up and the second round is put out it’s 1pm. They could of ran 2nd and 3rd round of recs in that dead time between 9am and 1pm So what this does is make recs go way into the midnight hours. We are supposed to have undisturbed sleep from 10pm-3am but it’s not been happening. It’s now like 24 hours of yells and screams and its taking it’s toll on me and several others. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. This is a serious problem Indeed!

We have a grand total of 22 executions for 2009. The final State sanctioned murder was held this week and since I have some very strong views on child killing pedophiles and people who prey on our elderly and females I’ll just keep my mouth shut. It amazes me how the worst of the worst are spared and walk free in population. Yes we have some in my eyes are the worst of the worst and Texas did not put them to death. But the system is broke. It’s no longer the worst of the worst who come to the row. It’s the easy wins by a prosecutor. To add to a frame of “hey look what I did”. I’m tough on crime. “WHATEVER”. The system and methods used to determine who the bad ones are, the worst of the worst is shattered and broken.

Till the end

True American

Mark Stroman, 2009

Dead Man Talking


One Response to “Death Blog”

  1. Hi Mark

    This is first time when i leave my comment. But i have read every your post. Im from Finland and support one inmate who is fed prison.
    Worst of the worst ? Who are they ? Its hard to say who actually is worst of the worst, but in my mind you are far away worst of the worst. You are death row, but there is lot of guys who should be in your place. Many those worst of the worst are walking free world and many of them await they parole hearing.
    Im here in Finland and Texas is far away, but i know lot of about whats going on there and what kind of conditions you had to live. Thanks to internet, we can open oure eys and try to make some changes. And thanks to you, we know more about texas torture chamber. Texas is not happy when they kill people, they happy when they first torture them and after that they kill them.
    Stay strong there and i just like you to know, here is lot of people who read your post.


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