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Texas Death Row

November 24th, 2009  2:00am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

The morning has sneaked in again. I was awakened by yells, screams and kicking of doors. An individual here on our section needed to see the medical staff and that’s like asking to see Santa Claus around this crazy place, but after enough chaos and constant noise and stuff someone made a decision to summons an escort team to take this man to see medical staff. He has recently returned, his blood pressure was a bit high 205/105. I’m just a simple Texas Redneck and don’t claim to know all of the secrets of our universe but I know one thing, that’s not normal there. Border line stroke! Good morning Death Row! What a great day to be alive… I think!

I want to bring an issue up, in my last blog I was very unsure if Texas had indeed executed that person on the 19th of November, Robert Thompson was his Christian name but since he came to the row he converted to Islam and was a radical and always talked down on America. The same America his family lives in. Anyways he was convicted of shooting someone and fell under the Law of Parties, which made him equally culpable for the slaying his “road dog” was given life for. That’s a bit of a confused issue, the one who did kill received life, the one who did not just go sent to the other side of the light. Or perhaps the flames. Governor Perry could of spared him since the Parole Board in a rare ruling recommended that he got life as well. Perry executed him!

Now let me bring up another issue, we had another person who received a 90 day stay of execution who was just hours away from his execution on November 17th and midway through his final meal (pancakes & peanut butter, oatmeal cookies and chocolate milk) when the Federal Judge halted the execution; responding on appeal that argued the person is incompetent to be executed. The way I see it, anyone who wants pancakes for a last meal has got to be crazy! These folks feed us pancake goo about 6 times a week. I almost fell off my bunk when I read this report. This person is real crazy, not just because of the pancakes but because I’ve lived on the same section with him, they call him Crazy Mike. That 9 year old he killed haunts him because he screams her name. “Chirrisa” leave me alone. I’m sorry! WHEW! I’m serious folks! I am in a nightmare, seeing all these twisted bent up people, it leaves me speechless. How can anyone harm and kill a child???

I hear the chow cart being rolled onto the pod, I believe it’s time for another dose of abuse. Pancakes I’m sure.

True American till death

Mark Anthony Stroman

Living to Die, Dying to Live


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