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November 21st, 2009  6:24am


Welcome to my nightmare, Tales from a dead man


Hello from a cold, rainy Texas. The day started out with the normal yells of chow time, the banging of steel gates and a smile nowhere in sight. It starts at 3:00am and the usual cold gooey pancakes that are unfit for human consumption but then again, the media and pro death folks say we are not humans anyway. Nothings to good for us lunatics I guess, good morning Texas Death Row! What a great day to be alive!

We have had a very crazy week in Texas. We had three executions set and as far as I know, only one was put to death and he was a volunteer. There’s another one set for December and that will wrap up the killings in the Texas Death Chamber for 2009. Thus far I do believe it’s 21 for Texas. I do not know if the one who was set to die on the 19th received a stay or not, the news has said nothing to this, the last I heard the Texas Parole Board had said they leaned towards a life sentence since he is under the law of parties and killed no one. He did wound one seriously but that is not a capital offense so the final decision was tossed into our good ole fair Governor’s lap! What a way to pass the buck Parole Board!


I had wanted to venture outside for 1st round recreation this morning but there is a chill in the air and it’s raining. Normally I’d of jumped at the chance to get out in some rain but since it’s a bit cold out there I had a dose of self preservation kick in, to be sick in here is the same as being homeless. One will get no help or medicine!


I had to laugh at something that was said to me at a visit, I was asked how I felt after my flu shot. What? Flu Shot? I don’t know where you heard that at, apparently the media said that the Texas Prisons have already given us our flu shots. Well I’m not sure about the prison system, but I know we back here on the row have not been given any. Wouldn’t that make the general public go nuts. “Death Row given flu shots”. WHEW! But seriously, it takes an act of Congress just to get a pack of Tylenol from this place, let alone a flu shot!


I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!


True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman


Dying to live, living to die


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