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Texas Death Camp

November 11th, 2009  3:48am

Veteran’s Day ~ God bless you all!

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

The starts with the usual slamming of steel gates and doors, a guard yelling “lights on if you’re eating” CHOW TIME! CHOW TIME!  The silence of the morning is shattered and a cold meal is minutes away, good morning Texas Death Row, I’ve been waiting for you yet again!  I scratch off another name from the execution list, Texas killed it’s 21st person last night, a man just a few days ago I said a final farewell too, the smell of death is in the air. We also have three more people set to die next week, November 17, 18th and 19th. The Execution Chamber is busy this month. The executioner is fat and happy with his Christmas bonus just around the corner.

As most of you know I’ve made a colossal error in judgment after September 11th, 2001 which I’ll pay for with my very life and soon in the near future. I want to say a few things that are heavy on my mind since I tend to say things that are not acceptable by the mainstream media I’ll be short on my words. Just a few days ago here in Texas we had a terrorist attack at Fort Hood and 13 American Military Personnel lost their lives and 30+  others wounded by a terrorist who lived under our flag! The event brings back pain, rage and anger from 2001. I listen to the news and everyone is afraid to say what this really was, an act of terrorism by a Islamist Terrorist. Pure and simple!


I believe in the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech but the news reports I am hearing are tip toe’n around the word “Muslim and religion .We as a society have grown so accustomed as to not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings our own leaders are afraid to confront the issues at hand. Political correctness is killing our Country. America needs to wake up, it’s only the beginning.


My heart goes out to all the victims.


True American

Mark Anthony Stroman


Living to die, dying to live!


American Boy


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