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Mark 911 2

Texas Death Row

November 3rd, 2009  2:27am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

The night was spent in a magical dreamland, I was able to experience more dreams of freedom, days from my past. Happier times, happier places, full of hope and promise. I could hear laughter, see loved ones who are long since passed away. Dream land, what a beautiful sleep it was. Only to be awoken by the crossover door being slammed shut by the night guard doing their security check. From dream land to a living nightmare. Good morning Texas Death Row! What does the day have in store for us? Death? Sadness? Misery?


We have 5 executions set for November and yesterday I had been fortunate enough to have a visit and as I’m being escorted back to my cage of death by two officers there’s another man heading to the visit room, just like me he is in handcuffs behind his back with two officers, one on each arm. Standard procedure for “Dead man walking”. As I get near this man I realize he is one of the ones set to be put to death on November 10th and he sees me and smiles from ear to ear and asks me “How I’m doing?” and I reply “How how are you?”  He then says I’m keeping my head up. All is lost and I will die as scheduled.  All I could say was “May God be with you, see ya on the other side”. So as we continue to walk one of the officers who is with me says that was felt by him as well. I look over at him and realized he was sincere. He had just witnessed a dead man walking and another dead man (me) saying a final goodbye.

Now I want to bring up a new topic, and that’s the reason 441 Texas men and women have been put to death since the States death chamber was reopened in 1982. The reason the jury’s of our cases have voted for death is because they are asked a question, to consider prison as a society and prison society and will more than likely kill again then they are to vote for the ultimate punishment, which is death by lethal injection. Now I have a front row seat at the busiest death machine in America and I being a true American, red blooded Texas have always been for the death penalty cause that’s what we do in Texas. I was uneducated then, I thought all who were sent to death row were “the worse of the worst”, sicko’s, pedophiles and rapists and would kill elderly people, women and children. That’s what I call the worst of the worst.

The reason I just said all the above is this” Texas just issued and execution date for a 90% blind man. Gary Johnson, born in 1950, been on death row since 1988. He has to be held as he staggers to the shower each day by the POD officers. This man is NO threat to society, ANY society. There’s not one Texas death row officer, male or female who can honestly say he is. Texas is about to kill out of revenge an old harmless blind man.

All in the name of Justice!

True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman

Living to Die, Dying to Live


American Boy


2 Responses to “Death Blog”

  1. i love reading your blogs and it reaches my soul abd i can feel all your emotions thanks for writing and shareing much love to u

  2. janet morgan Says:

    i enjoy reading yor blods, gosh that sounds cold, but beleive me i am not cold….texas and gov. perry are not even human. can not believe what goes on in this stae. i am interesting in the soul of man and your thinking at a time like this in your life. i do not beleive in dealth, except for child molesters and murders. i do some voluteer work in prisons and i beleive we are all capable of bad at times….we have to have and beleive in a power higher than ourself…….shring your emotions….

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