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October 12, 2009  2:38am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

The day starts earlier and earlier for me. I’ve noticed I’ve pulled back from this little society I live in. I don’t know why but it suits me fine since I’m a morning person. A cup of coffee, a few good memories and absolute quietness. The only sounds I can hear at the moment is the hum of the air vents and that’s almost too loud.  Good morning from Texas Death Row. A place that will execute the innocent as well as the guilty, and let’s not forget Texas executes “Law of Parties” as well. So your qualified to die even if you have killed no one.

Yesterday morning as I sat here trying to write a few lines for the night shift riot team had to suit up again on “Lizard”. The wild Texas Seven dude on the other side of the Pod. I do know they don’t like to do this, it’s always a battle and you can ask the guys who are on the team if they would ever go in on Lizard one on one and they say “HELL NO”.  That’s why they send 9 men on him at night time, after they gas him. What a crazy society this is back behind closed doors.

The issue of me, my ending is getting closer. I’m now on my final leg of the appeal process after another denial, but that is to be expected. At times I’m ready to die but I have a lot of that stuff called “Self preservation” flowing in my veins. Yes the ending is near. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or perhaps it’s fire.

True American

Mark Anthony Stroman

American Boy


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