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Mark 911 2

Texas Death Row October 2, 2009 2:50am

Welcome to my nightmare Tales from a dead man The lockdown has ended. 15 days of pure hell. The actual shake down went somewhat better than before and the ones who hit our section treated us with professionalism. It was the feeding process or lack of. I normally would of reported the menu on these entries of mine but I did not believe it myself. Hell ever some of the “seasoned” vets of the prison staff who have been employed by Texas 15 or 20 years mentioned they have never seen Johnny Sacks such as these. Noodle sandwich and raw potato. SERIOUS! So when yesterday morning rolled up on us we had our regular meals which have always been cold (since we are fed in our death cages) but that cold tray of eggs and biscuits and grits were mighty fine. I ventured out of my cage for recreation first round too. I had to get out for my two hours due to the walls in my cage starting to close in on me. The voices inside my head screaming loudly. At times I just wish they would go away but then I realize Id miss them. The sadness, the anger, the voices of my death cage are real. What a day to be alive. As I was saying I ventured out for those two hours and after 15 days of not moving around using the muscles in your legs sure does take effect on ones’ body. I came back, showered and felt as if I ran to New York and back. Just from walking in a small inside monkey cage. We had 4 people set to die in Texas for September, the executioner managed to murder two. Two out of four. The others escaped with last minutes stays. Only to be sent back for that death countdown again. That is alarming as I’ve said before. To countdown ones final days on earth and to do all the things one can expect to do, only to have to redo that when the Courts lift the temporary stay WHEW Only in Texas can things be this messed up.

True American Mark Stroman Living to Die Dying to Live

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