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Mark 911 2

Texas Death Camp

September 22nd, 2009 4am (Day 6 of Lockdown)

Welcome to my “Locked Down” Nightmare

Tales from a Dead man

Greetings to you all. The day is new, the promise of death is real and I’m reminded of this as I scratch off another day on the calendar and glance at the execution list which is directly in front of me on the wall. Yes Texas will kill another person in the name of Justice at 6pm tonight. It’s a sad state of affairs when you have so many executions that they don’t even get the local news anymore.  It’s like a morning traffic report or weather update. In Texas you can be sure of one thing, there’s a sign on all of our Highways and if you have ever had a chance to visit this beautiful State you will recall seeing it.

“Don’t mess with Texas ”

That was made to remind people not to throw trash on our Highways but I believe if the Texas Officials could, they would paint that above the execution gurney in Huntsville Texas . Hell I’m surprised they don’t try and sell postcards’ with that image. Texas is proud to kill you in the name of Justice and you don’t even need to be guilty. Look what happened to Todd Willingham in 2004. An innocent man was strapped to that death gurney and murdered. Now all of you haters out there who jump up and down like cheerleaders holding fuzzy pom poms when you hear of an execution should try to envision being that innocent person, being strapped on that gurney. Envision the whole procedure, the IV being inserted into your arms, knowing you are innocent. What a hell of a way to die, In the name of Justice. Blind justice.

That’s one to many in my eyes. And I’m in that gray area when it comes to the death penalty. I despise child molesters and cowardly rapists with all of my being, child killers etc. but to have a system in place that allows an innocent person to be put to death is all the proof we need. The system is broke and should be fixed. The next innocent person could be your loved one or even yourself. Envision that.

Yes, that’s just one person the State might actually admit that was innocent and murdered. But how many others. How many do you actually think Texas has murdered that were innocent. How many do you think Texas would actually come out and say “Oops” we made a huge mistake and killed your loved one. “Sorry”. I sit here on the front row of this battle field and am still amazed at how dysfunctional this place is. Hell if I was to wake up and all of this had been a dream I’d jump up and take off running to the nearest church and get on my hands and knees and thank Jesus for wake’n me up!

For all of this is a real nightmare.

True American

Mark Stroman

American Boy


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