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Texas Death Row

September 16th, 2009   3:27am

Welcome to my nightmare

Tales from a dead man

The day begins, I hear the chow cart being pulled onto the pod, the smell of death is in the air, and it’s not all due to the food about to be fed to us, it’s Execution Day in Texas again, another friend is about to be taken from this place. I know he is awoke in his death watch cell, what’s going thru his mind? How is he spending his last day? His last morning alive? Is he writing a few final letters? Is he praying? Or perhaps he’s waiting to watch his final sunrise? Texas has some beautiful sunrises, but to be on Texas Death Row on your last day, what really goes thru ones’ mind?

Whew Wee!

We have four Texecutions set for September and the one who is set to go today is the only one who I can honestly says is ready.  He wrote the Judge a while back while he was on this pod I’m on and asked why are you just sitting on my case, set me a date! He has grown tired of this madness too! I saw this friend two days ago at visit. Steve Moody is his name and he saluted me and smiled and gave the thumbs up, a man who face reality extremely well. I admire that. Watching his loved ones come and go from his visit stall was touching. They all had huge smiles on their faces as they left. At peace because Steve’s happy go lucky attitude.

Steve Moody you’ll be missed and never forgotten.

True American

Mark Anthony Stroman 2009

American Boy


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