Death Blog

Mark 911 2

Texas Death Row

September 9th, 2009  2:50am

Welcome to my nightmare ~ tales from a dead man!

The day has once again started out with the normal madness and confusion, yelling, screaming, slamming of steel doors that vibrate sounds deep within. We also have the added riot team, on the next section over, gassing “Lizard”. One of the Texas Seven members, the prison escapees of long ago. The riot team is standing at his cell, ready while the power hungry sergeant in full gas mask and gear continues to blast the gas into the small cell which Lizard lives in I’ve counted five ten second bursts of this gas, at any moment this 9 man riot team (young kids) will enter this man’s cell, which is pitch black and full of gas and an angry condemned man, what a way to start out the day.

The reason this is being done again, (yes this is twice this week), is because Lizard sleeps extremely hard plus he is extremely hard of hearing. Practically deaf so to say.   So at night these guards who are either young kids or elderly people come through doing their security check every hour like you see in those old prison movies and if they can’t see you or determine that you are alive they will knock on your door until you move or make a sound. If that does not happen the ones doing this security check panic and notify the sleeping sergeant  who is somewhere on the building. Once he arrives or she, if the prisoner is still not wishing to speak or wake up then the riot team is called and it’s time to gas this man.

Lizard enjoys being gassed and loves to recreate with the riot team so when this act of retaliation or sleep deprivation continues to happen as it is he makes the team suit up. They just ran in on him, the fight lasts about 5 seconds. 9 against 1 so the odds are not in Lizards favor. Now that they have gassed him, ran into his cell, put him on the ground, they now exit his cell and leave him just as he was, minding his own bizness! That use of force was un-called for people!

This month of September is my dark month. Just as it is for all the others affected by the terrorists attacks that took place September 11th, 2001. We will never forget. I have so many things I want to say but don’t know where to start. As I said, this is a dark month for me. Always remember those who never got a chance to say goodbye or say their final “I love yous” and live every day like it’s your last one. I myself struggle daily knowing my actions have caused pain just like the attacks on our country have caused pain. This vicious cycle of hate has to stop somewhere.

Till the end of time

True American

Mark Anthony Stroman, 2009

Living to Die ~ Dying to live

American Boy


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