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August 19th, 2009  3:15am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man

The day is new and I have no comfort zone yet. Need some AND a few happy memories. Must dig deep for those. The peace of the morning has been shattered today by a few loud mouths who act as if they’re the only ones on the section they live on. The echo of their talks vibrates off the walls as if one was deep within a tunnel or cave. The concrete jungle of death row. How did I end up so far away from home I’ll never know. Fate? Destiny? Karma? or could this really be a bad dream and I’m about to awaken late for work? Wouldn’t that be nice!

We have another execution set for tomorrow and I’m not sure what to say about this. The person is someone who I had been somewhat friendly to a few times since I’ve been here on the row and I’ve waved to his father and step mother dozens upon dozens of times from the visitation room. They always wore these huge smiles on their faces, never have I witnessed them walking with a sad look on their face. I’m sure all of that will change tomorrow, the day Texas puts this person to death.

The mixed feelings I have on this issue are of anger, betrayal, disgust and sadness for all effected by this case. I’ll be honest, I actually had long conversations with David Wood over the years and I never dreamed he had one of these types of cases. The media has tossed him in with the notorious killer called the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez. David Woods is now what I’ve learned called “The Desert Killer”. 9 victims, all raped and buried in the desert of El Paso. Ages from 14 years to 23 years of age. The ages of all my daughters. As I said, I’m angered by what I’ve read and feel for all the many family members who are affected by this.

Now moving on to another subject before I start to rant and rave on the person to be put to death in Huntsville tomorrow, and that subject is one of kindness. Yes if you have a friend or loved one on the death row building of Polunsky Unit then the other day they had a rare thing happen to them that surely added a big smile to their face. I know it did add one to mine!

The guards a few days ago came through our Pod pushing one of those 55 gallon trash cans on wheels and inside there was huge slabs of ice cold watermelon. They handed these out and by the time they left our section you could of heard a pin drop to the floor. The slab of cold watermelon I had in my hands was a half a watermelon and it took several minutes to eat this. I sat down on the concrete floor, not caring if I made a mess. That was not on my mind. The most important thing at that moment was what I held in my hands.

People, don’t take life for granted, enjoy the simple things in life.

True American Till The End

American Boy


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