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Mark 911 2

Texas Death Row August 10th, 2009 5:19am

Welcome to my nightmare, Tales from a dead man

The day seems to be off to another great start. I’m alive and am savoring my morning coffee. I’ve scratched off one more day on the calendar that hangs next to the execution list. That combination of calendar and death list gives the day meaning and purpose. Good morning to you all! May the most you wish for be the least you get. The journey continues. The day always starts out with the freaks and nuts yelling and screaming and as I see the zombies walk by my cell I instantly feel good about myself. If the average person was able to sit in one of these cells for one day, just to watch the way things are, that person would forever be changed. I’ve been here for over seven years and with each new day a part of me dies. But I refuse to let this place and my surroundings turn me into one of these “Institutional Drones”.

Saturday morning I had to alter my neighbors day by informing him of his recent denial in the 5th Circuit of Appeals. The night before I had received the latest updates in the mail, which I might add are sent in by my “Cajun Angel” ~ Thank you Angel. And in these updates contain all the denials and case laws of all the capital cases, now how this went down, me being the bearer of bad news is not something I enjoy doing (unless the intended is a pedophile/child molester, then I’m fast to announce it, with a Texas size smile too), but my neighbor who has earned all of my respect I might add came to his door and says “Good Morning Stroman”. I instantly get a lump in my throat because in my hand is the denial of his case that he knows nothing about. I then do the news breaking to him, what a way to start out his day. What’s sad is his attorney who has been paid well over $40,000 should be doing this, not me. But that’s how things happen in Texas.

Well now that part is brought to the light, I want to say a few words about my case, which I seldom speak of on this blog. Our Justice system is really messed up in Texas and after diligently attempting to show the federal courts that “Thomas Mills” Attorney at Law, Dallas Texas was not going to do anything but recycle claims that have been denied time and time again in my federal writ of habeas corpus which essentially negates his duties as counsel and dooms this appeal of his to failure, the federal Magistrate finally fired this clown from my case in 2007, but not before the taxpaying citizens paid him over $28,000 to do absolutely nothing except getting me procedurally barred in several issues. I had a competent attorney assigned to my case in March, 2007 because the United States Supreme Court commented that “Congress” Provision of Right to Counsel that quality legal representation is necessary in capital habeas corpus proceedings. In the light of the seriousness of the possible penalty, which is death, “Thomas Mills”, before he was released as counsel, filed a skeletal writ, dooming me to death. September 2009 my new attorney has been notified “She” has oral arguments set to defend the issues that are at hand. What this is, the judge (Federal) has recently been appointed to my case and must hear both sides before he makes his decision on my federal habeas appeal. What his sole purpose is “to be a judge of the law” not a judge of facts during these oral arguments. I’m in serious trouble thanks to being procedurally barred. Should he deny the writ, I go into the final phase of my appeal. The light at the end of the tunnel is near.

True American till death Mark Stroman

American Boy


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