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July 17th 2009  7:45am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

Howdy there! It’s time for the next exciting  episode of the Gloom & Doom show! Yes we are still on lockdown but the end is almost upon us. I’ll explain more on that in a few moments. First and foremost let me bring you up to speed on the execution that was put off until the month of September.

Kenneth Mosley’s execution was to take place on July 17th 2009 but it was put off until mid September due to the fact that Governor Rick Perry as well as the Lieutenant Governor would not be in the State on that day. Well how nice. Well I know I’d be upset if that were me on the condemned side of the fence. You get your mind set, you go thru all the steps that take you up to the final the final moments; the countdown, the stress, the fears of the unknown as well as the tearful goodbyes that are to be expected and then put off for this. That’s cruel and unusual punishment.

Now let me move onto the next part of this blog. The lockdown. The shakedown squad ran thru our pod like an attaching army. I was shocked at how it was done. The actual ones doing it were mostly lost and confused and didn’t really know what was policy. The main force of this was done like this:

Pack up all your belongings, whatever was left in your cell after the guards took your belongings to a day room   where tables were set up, was thrown out, being state issued or not. They have already placed you in one of the                 showers somewhere o n the pod so you’re not able to defend your belongings. Then the kids and elderly guards      would go thru your stuff and toss it into a big pile onto the floor on your sheet that you sleep on. How   considerate is that. Then all of your mixed up stuff was dragged on the dirty floor back to your cage. You are    then fetched from the shower and placed back into your cage to sort out your life and belongings and to    determine what’s missing. That’s how it went down on this pod.

Now I had a different type of experience with my shakedown, as the readers of this blog know from the past that I have had a true nightmare dealing with my thousands upon thousands upon thousands of pages of my legal work and have filed step one, step two and posted both of these on for the world to see. Also Illan Ziv posted letters to the authorities voicing his concerns. Well it paid off too. I’ll explain.

I have all of my legal work in order now. Stacked up in order in folders, 10×12 envelopes and others. When stacked up neatly it reaches about the middle of my thigh. That’s a lot of legal work. Well I placed it all on my second shelf and it almost reached the ceiling, for all to see and not to confuse with my regular property. So I pull out my step II response that the regional director signed off on and asked to see the sergeant who was overseeing our shakedown. I shocked him with my legal work, explained my concerns and told him the last time I was put in this situation I was told that my “allegations” on the destruction of my legal work couldn’t be substantiated. And then I showed him my step II grievance reply. He then told his workers to go thru my legal work and it had “better” be placed just the way I have it, in order. Which they did folks. My legal work did not get ruined. They know that our legal work was being handled wrong and the regional boys must of chewed on them some. So all’s well and I thank anyone who had helped by doing letters and emails to Huntsville in the past.

So all I can actually say is the worst part of this lockdown was the feeding process. We are still on Johnny sacks, day 11 of this and the next few lines I’ll give you the menu and folks I’m not adding any propaganda to this. It’s as bad as I say, if you were able to see this you’d never buy peanut butter again.

The Lockdown Menu of 2009 – Polunsky Unit

July 9th, 2009

3:30am- small cake, peanut butter biscuit, no drink

10:24am- bologna sandwich, peanut butter ooz sandwich, no drink

4:50pm- cheese sandwich, ham patty, one tator, no drink

July 10th, 2009

3:30am- biscuit, fried egg, cereal, no drink

10:27am- BBQ sandwich, peanut butter ooz, no drink

5:10pm-1 meatloaf sandwich, 5 prunes, no drink

July 11th, 2009

2:50am- cereal, two pancakes, no drink

10:00am- peanut butter ooz sandwich, noodle sandwich, no drink

6:00pm- soy patty sandwich, peanut butter ooz sandwich, no drink

July 12th, 2009

3:00am- 3 pancakes, peanut butter ooz sandwich, no drink

10:30am- tator, peanut butter ooz sandwich, no drink

2:40pm- cheese sandwich, one tator, no drink

Well that’s about all I can stomach to write, you see the pattern of feeding the caged animals in Texas!

Till Next time

True American-

Mark Anthony Stroman

American Boy


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