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June 22nd, 2009  3:43am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

Howdy folks, the day is new, fresh and full of hope and cold pancakes, can’t forget those. A part of Polunsky’s feeding process. Yes I’m trying to find comfort where none exists, the mood is all too familiar. Death, enhanced by sadness and misery. What a great day to be alive.

Well since I last reported in there’s been a lot of things going on. Things that have become a daily routine on 12 building. The building that holds all of Texas Death Row. Constant gassing of inmates, cell raids and even a few prisoners growing fed up. Tossing their hands in the air then trying to spear guards as they do their daily jobs on the pods. It’s crazy folks almost like the torture regime of death row is intentionally trying to provoke these condemned men into acts of violence. But who am I to talk out. The going word of this administration on everything is “allegations could not be sustained”.

The next part of this little story goes like this, 10 months have gone by and we are still being denied radios on death row and I’m really tired of talking about this but I feel I must speak out for all of us. Something is going on, why else would this administration allow this hate filled property officer to continue to take radios and then deny you “due process” which we are being denied. HMMMMM!

“CAN SOMEONE” contact Huntsville whoever is in full charge of this actual prison system and find out why we are being denied access to the outside world as well as our rights to the “due process” of confiscated items. We have endured this for 10 months folks, enough is enough. Remember we have no access to televisions on the row, radios are crucial to us.

For example folks, the typewriter that was confiscated from me in November 2008 when the regional teams of destruction, shake down hit squads would search your cell an officer (young kid) would open up your typewriter by taking “four” small screws out, look inside for any concealed items and deliberately leave the screws loose or in some cases as mine leave one out. Then the next day or so your raided again by a whole different group and guess what happens?


We have a dangerous item on hand, a typewriter with loose or missing screws. So it’s now confiscated as contraband, “Dangerous Contraband” and I’m denied due process and denied the right to have my loved ones pick up the alleged contraband because it’s so “Dangerous & Altered” that they must destroy it, which is a damn joke. And yes they did 100’s of us this way, on radios and typewriters, due process, not at all, not on Polunsky. where no one can prove any allegations against wrong doings towards this flawless administration.

True American, Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman

Trying to live… before we are dead!

Texas Death Camp, 2009

American Boy


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