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June 9th, 2009  10:30am


Welcome to my nightmare

Tales from a dead man


Howdy folks, Tis that time again, news and stuff from good ole Texas Death Camp. Well as for the first thing, Texas has executed 16 for the year and more to follow. Some in my eyes were indeed monsters I’d never want near my kids, family or friends. The others, just some power hungry District Attorney trying to make a few notches on his or her “Oh look what I did” list to further their careers. Sad but very true. Also, Texas has executed 438 people since 1982 and 200 of these have been under the leadership of our fearless governor Rick Perry. Can you imagine that, 200 souls added to his very own list of “Hey look what I’ve done”? Can you imagine being stuck behind him on Judgment Day? WHEW!!! Gonna be a long day for sure. And they say I’m the monster or thug, NOT by FAR!


I have one more thing to mention, the latest “New News” on our radio’s is the “company went out of bizznezzzz”. So all this time the old story of them being ordered from some far off remote sweat shop in China has been a lie, because as long as we Americans continue to by from China as we do, there’s no way of any of their companies going under or shut’n the doors. Hell I saw an American Flag sticker just the other day and it had on the front of it in small writing it is “Made in China ”. WHEW! Anyways, looks like we are not gonna be getting any radio’s, direct violation of the law!


So as you folks know from all my rants and raves and past blogs things have really turned sour for death row. Conditions are just at the all time worst and folks are just tired of it. You can’t take and take and take from us and expect a happy group of guys to greet ya each day on the row. Now check this out, just found out!


Yesterday I heard from a few officers that they had about 7 uses of force on F-pod, the hole, which is now filled to capacity, the storm clouds have drifted in and the guys down yonder are being gassed daily. They are saying F-pod is now on lockdown and the way I’ve learned about this is the guards are walking around here glowing with joy as if they had just won the lottery or something. Something has got to be going on for sure!


So I asked “why” all the happy faces and smiles this morning to one of the passing guards and the reply was Captain Bryant has been “sh*t down” (fecal matter thrown on him) “WOW”! Not only do all the prisoners despise this man but his own coworkers hate him so it would seem they are “pleased” with this. Why? Because it’s this Captain who has started so much trouble back on the row and has put his own officers in danger. That for him to have been “sh*t down” has put a happy face on lots of State employees. This is why F-pod is now on lockdown.


The raid teams have hit us 3 times today and 3 times yesterday. I guess we will all be on the sh*t list of the good ole Captain for the next few days or weeks. That’s nothing new though! What a great day to be alive!


I just learned that the man who has done the “dirty dirty” is the same man I spoke about in my April 14th blog, the man goes by the nickname “Cujo” and the short time he has been here he has been content with what he had. Which was very little. He bothered no one. Now the administration went and took his boots and radio just to be mean and in return this man has wounded two officers and has now got the Captain with fecal matter.


That’s what I’ve been trying to say all along, we have death sentences that will one day allow the State of Texas to kill us. I live in a cage and am treated like an animal so yes it’s hard to be loving and compassionate. It’s hard to like people these days. But then you have a few of the big boys in administration who are not being “monitored” taking it upon themselves to add to the misery of death row by taking things just to be doing something. We are here to die, not cower at some power hungry jerk who hates us already. It makes no sense and I wonder what their excuse is for all the uses of force they are having now. I bet those documents are being falsified as well.


Till death becomes me

True American


Mark Anthony Stroman



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