Texas Death Row


May 18, 2009 3:47am

Welcome to my nightmare- tales from a dead man!

Slept rough last night, dreams had been so vivid and real that to awaken in this place was truly depressing. I was having a collage scene of dreams again, like my life passing before my eyes. Childhood memories so real that it amazes me that we are able to store these things inside of our minds for all these years and then it’s like something HITS the rewind button *WHEW*  It makes one really wonder, what are dreams? Who brings them to us?

Well death has come to Polunsky again, we have another one set for execution tomorrow. I’ve lost count but if I’m right this will make 15 of the year. This person set to be executed has been here since 1986, he is part of the old crew, the old laws that have no effects on the new cases, such as mine. Which is a blessing in some ways. This person has had execution dates before so I can only imagine what his mind set is like. Once would be to many times. That final walk to the death van ~  ALL ABOARD!

The conditions here are out of control, the hole is now full. They are now putting Level II offenders on our pod. That’s a sign that all hell has broke loose on the other end of the building.  It’s only a matter of time, the Administration is causing men to act like animals by treating them such as.

On another note, I have been “renewed” for another 6 months typewriter restriction by this hate filled Captain Bryant. Saw that coming though!

Till Death becomes me

True American

Mark Anthony Stro


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