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Texas Death Row

April 20th 2009  4:06am

Welcome to my nightmare, Tales of a dead man!

It’s a new day, a new week, a new journey into the unknown. But there’s one thing for sure you can count on in this oppressed confinement, the promise of death by execution is very real. The horror of death row is that you die a little each day. The waiting kills you. You live in a cage and when you wake up you mark off another day and tell yourself, your closer to death.

This weekend it rained like some tropical storm blew in and I’m finally blessed to have a cell that doesn’t flood me out. I had to purchase three can’s of petroleum jelly to secure the threat of a flooded cell, most can’t do this, but the cell I’m in has only a hair-line crack at the top of the concrete ceiling that is the whole length of the back wall, so I used a sturdy card and applied a long thick glob all the way from corner to corner. It works or until the Gestapo raid teams come and make a mess of it. A man down the run from me had rain water running out of his cell door. Yes I am fortunate indeed to not have to panic each time it gets cloudy. The man a few cells down, I had actually thought he had flooded his own cell because so much water was coming out from his door but he was at recreation, unable to save his belongings. Modern Polunsky Unit- HA!

Well not let me give you a bit of news that has angered many of us back here waiting to be put to death. As you know from my last few blogs we are being denied access to the outside world, news, world events, etc. Texas is the only death row in American that is not allowed TV access. Now we are being denied access to radio purchases. It’s been since 2008 since they last allowed us to buy any and the terror teams and that hate filled property officer Ms. Smith are confiscating most of the remaining ones we have back here. A man a few cells over just has his took due to the fact he had a small smiley face sticker placed on top of it. That’s wrong and proof they are on a mission. To remove all radios from death row, hell I just this morning from the guards that some pirates had an American held hostage and navy snipers rescued this heroic Captain by killing three pirates. See, Polunsky Unit has us blocked from all the outside news. This is bound to be highly illegal… Right??

Now the reason I am bringing this up again is because of what has just been done on 10 building which is medical. Death row is 12 building. The cells in the medical building have all been gifted with 12 inch clear, see through, black and white televisions. The exact same kind that death row was promised to get a few years ago. So again, this is direct proof these clear and see through televisions do exist and can be sold to death row, but we are being punished as “ad-seg” offenders, this is WRONG!

I know there’s several anti-death penalty groups out there who have been fighting for our lives and for the simple things such as TV access, well I personally thank you and wanted you all to know what’s really going on behind closed doors of this dungeon.

Till next time, I remain in the struggle.

True American

Mark Anthony Stroman, 2009

Living to Die, dying to live!


One Response to “Death Blog”

  1. I have a loved one at Polunsky and am writting a Christian group for prisoner support about another problem. I will ask them about TV’s for death roll at Polunsky. It takes them a long time to respond. I will also advise the big “O” that Texas is the only death roll in America denied access to TV. Who else can I contact?

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