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May 11th, 2009


Welcome to my nightmare

Tales from a dead man

The smell of death is in the air… or could it be the stench of the raw and cold pancakes these goons fed us at 3:02am this morning? Needless to say the new day brings promise of pain, misery and sadness to all who dwell within the walls of 12 building of Polunsky Unit. The Building that houses Texas Death Row and it’s here we are supposed to be kept until our punishment is carried out which is death. Death by injection!

This month has been extremely bad for me and I have tried to put my thoughts, feelings and emotions into these pages for several days now but all I got was Anger. So I felt it was better to step back, chase the evil demons from my head and get a better hold of my sanity which had to be done in order for me to complete a blog that is clean and void of hate and anger.

Things continue to get worse by the day and the storm clouds are now within sight. F-Pod is filling up rapidly and its only to get worse as conditions grow into madness. I now begin to fear my point of break is in the very near future. You know that old saying, “The straw that broke the camel’s back”? Well that’s about all it’s gonna take for my point of break to surface.

As some of you know, the actual county we were sentenced to death in “pays” Texas Department of Criminal Justice to house us, feed us, and clothe us until we are actual property of the Texas System. When we are given a date for execution that means the actual County Judge has signed our death warrant which gives Texas full authority to carry out our sentence. “Punishable by Death” is our fate but Polunsky Unit sees it as part of their job to punish us, abuse us and treat us as animals before death!

So we are all still property of our County, once that good ole death warrant is sent to TDCJ then we are State Property and the execution process beings. Are you confused yet? Well I am trying to give you a better insight to house the Texas Injustice System works.

The reason I bring all this up is due to the way we are being punished on a daily basis, and now this administration is taking the only thing we have left and using it as a punishment tool, and that’s by banning visitors. Yes people, the Warden at this Unit is so full of hate and is trying to impress the Regional Directors and save his job that he is banning dozens upon dozens of family members, wives, friends and even some Religious Volunteers. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

As you know from all the past blogs and news media coverage that in 2008 a cell phone scandal kicked off and due to some rat snitch who called a Senator all hell broke loose and now the Warden’s are trying to save face by banning people. You could be at a visit and say the wrong thing and your loved one is banned. Reason given ~ threat to security. You say one wrong thing about this administration at visit and try to get your loved ones to help raise awareness ~ BAM ~ BOOM —- they are now banned. Reason given ~ threat to security.

The moral of this rant and rave is this: they are banning people now for the smallest violation to show their bosses that “hey look I’m being a good warden now and am monitoring these convicted killers and banning all their loved ones” Please don’t fire me!

The majority of the people being banned are not a threat to any security. This is being done to inflict more pain and punishment on us and to make a good show on paper work. When the high ups ask what are you doing to ensure that no more breach’s of security have been made, simple ~ just look at the 40 or 50 people who we’ve banned as threats to security!!!


Now as this goes, if a loved one is banned that means that they will not be able to visit or be at the execution when you are allowed to have your pick of 5 loved ones to be present at this event of death. One must be on the actual visit list to be approved. But Texas will want you to be all friendly ~ please don’t cause any trouble. Please get on the gurney, be a good boy


It’s execution time!

Well I’ll start to draw this to a close. The storm is brewing and the clouds are within sight. I can’t speak for everyone but there are well over 25 people I know who have loved ones banned since the start of 2009 and people are upset. And I know there’s more who I have no earthly idea of their recent banned loved ones but the talk is fast spreading.

It is what it is.

True American Till the End

Mark Anthony Stroman


Living to die, dying to live.


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