Death Blog, Texas Death Row


Texas Death Row

April 28th, 2009 1:25pm

Welcome to my nightmare

Tales from a dead man

The day started again with banging of doors at 3:00am. Cold coffee, raw pancakes and spoonful of applesauce a baby would refuse to eat plus a set of hate-filled guards that would pass your cell up if your light is off and you’re not standing at your door. The guards Holler “VR” and keep on moving. You just missed breakfast. Now what does “VR” mean you ask? Verbal Refuse. And the picket officer is the one who is monitoring the speaker and whose job it is to list you down as “verbal refusing” your meal. The one you just missed because it’s 3:00am and you’re fast asleep. They jacked you out of your meal and falsely say on government documents you ”VR’d”.

Things are getting worse by the day. A friend of mine has already speared two officers in the last 10 days. He’s fed up and has decided to wage a war. They still gas men, they are even spreading out the bad apples so not to spoil the whole lot – but a storm is brewing and it’s being done deliberately by this administration.

As you know, we on Texas Death Row have little of nothing and it gets worse daily. The continued denial of radios, the only thing we have to keep us a bit tuned in with world news and to occupy our time. We are caged in 22 hours a day, growing angrier by the day. Some insane. Some violent, but we can’t buy a radio. You know that’s a form of abuse and punishment, WHY?

  1. I’ve been on typewrite restriction. They said my screws were loose  😛   So in November 2008 they confiscated it and said they threw it away. It cost $100.00! I doubt they tossed it out. Needless to say I am supposed to be off restriction May 12th, 2009, but I doubt it. They want to silence these blogs or at least slow them down.

It’s 2:48pm and we are being raided by Regional One Gestapo Raid Team. They are on A-section causing havoc. This is the team who tossed all my legal transcripts. Tense moments. Who’s next? Now it’s 2:51pm and the Polunsky Raid Team just rolled in. We are hit by both squads at once. This is pure retaliation. I see the future leading to hole for many of us.

Its 4:18pm, I’m in the rec cage. My two hours of recreation and the Regional Gestapo Squad has destroyed the 3 cells they just left out of. It looks like a war zone. Legal work scattered “ALL” over the floor once again. Folks, total destruction. The guys also had their wet clothes they had just washed hanging on a clothesline and the clowns yanked it down and tossed the clothing that’s on top of the property that’s on the floor. See folks, all of that is uncalled for. Its things like that causing the storm to brew.

4:40pm, I’m still in the rec cage and Region One and the Polunsky Raid team are on the other side of the Pod and at odds. The Polunsky team just searched two cells and did it halfway decent and with respect. Region One goes in behind the “already” raided cells and destroys them! The Polunsky Officers just told Region One that their tactics are putting them in danger. Which is right because Region One doesn’t have to work on Death Row. This is unbelievable.

I had another topic I had wanted to address but these clowns done took my thoughts into another realm. I end this here. Wish us luck!

True American

Mark Anthony Stroman


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  1. HI MARK! It’s ME your pen-pal…I’m wondering if you can read this? Let me know! -Jacki

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