Death Blog,Texas Death Row


April 24th, 2009  6:30am

Welcome to my nightmare

Tales from a Dead Man

The day started out with the normal banging of the food slots at 3:00am, and some crazy man a few cells down barking, yes just like a dog. His mind is vanishing fast and he gets no help from the medical staff. They all just laugh and shake their heads as they walk away from his cell. They do not care if one has mental issues and are in complete denial that these isolation cells are having any effects on people going insane.

The shake down squad has just ran in on A-section. What a great way to start out a day. Not sure who is being hit because all I can do is listen to the doors open and handcuffs being applied to the ones on Gestapo’s list. Yes the storm is brewing and the ones who have been rather quiet because “it doesn’t involve them” are now being involved by the in-humane treatments and punishment style tactics of this Administration. As for the people out there who have sent violent emails saying death row inmates deserve this kind of treatment, y’all are just as “shallow minded” as I was. I’m a true Texan and harbored those same thoughts but the law states “punishable by death”, no punishment, nor abuse, but death.

As for another “food for thought” moment, it’s easy to be on the outside and scream that “we” all deserve this but that’s not true and until you find yourself in this situation or find out you have a friend or loved one is this type of death dance, it’s easy to say that. A set of lips can say anything, never did I expect to be sitting on death row surrounded with pedophiles and serial rapists so don’t think it just happens to someone else, Death Row. This is why I say “welcome to my nightmare”.  September 11th, 2001 is forever etched into my mind. I’ll die because of it too. My nightmare began that day. I made grave mistakes.

For example, let’s just say a group of sicko’s snatched up one of your kids and did some horrible things to him/her and death was the end result for that child. You’d be mad and want to take the law into your own hands. It’s human nature, plain and simple and let’s just say a friend or loved one caught up with that group and took care of “bizness” and sent all responsible to the other side of the light. That person would be a hero in some eyes and a killer in others. Off to death row he goes. Could you honestly say you’d still want that person to endure these types of inhumane and harsh treatments when “death” is the sole punishment? Give that some thought. Don’t lie to yourself folks!

I’m sorry, I was just rambling on there, but the issue is real. On another note I’m still put on hold on my step two grievance in regards to my legal work being tossed out by the Regional One shake down squad. March 23rd they gave me notice they needed more time to investigate. Folks I filed my initial complaint on January 13th, 2009, filed my Step II on their bogus response on February 20th, 2009 and I’m still being dragged along on this issue. Wonder why?

Well I’m gonna end this one here before I start repeating myself. Anyway, I hear the Gestapo Team getting close.

True American

Till Death Do Us Part

Mark Anthony Stroman, 2009


One Response to “Death Blog,Texas Death Row”

  1. Gerry Madden Says:

    Still reading your blog with avid interest. Let it ring out cos nothing can touch you.

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