Death Blog – Texas Death Row


April 15th 2009  6:55am

Welcome to my nightmare- tales from a dead man.

Today started out with cold raw doughy pancakes at 3am. You can always tell just how good your day is gonna be by the look of the morning tray. I humped mine in the toilet because it was so bad. Thank GOD I have some food in my cell or I’d be forced to eat that stuff. The 90 days I spent in the hole I was glad to get that, it’s a shame we must endure this type of treatment day in and day out!

Today is execution day so there’s gonna be a lot of people in from all over, it’s like a circus and today even more so because the person that faces judgment today, not judgment by Texas or mankind, but the final judgment of God, now let me clear this up for you. The person that’s to be executed today did one of the worst things ever and tortured a little old lady and when I read what he did I grew angry and thought of my grandma and all the elderly people of this world. Yes I still harbor a lot of mixed feelings towards these type of people. I’m human and as a human I can’t tolerate child molesters, rapists or people who would harm and kill any elderly person but I’ve learned it’s not up to me to say who lives and who dies. Killing to show the world that killing is wrong makes no sense to me!

I’m no angel by far and I’ve done some things after September 11, 2001 that still haunts me and by no means am I proud of the pain my own actions have caused, but revenge killing or justice for all killing is the exact same thing, it’s murder, plain and simple, no matter how you label it.

So today’s execution will be praised by many just for the nature of the crime. I wonder how he feels today? The one set to die, does he have faith or remorse?

2:19pm the same day

I’m back to complete this blog, it never fails, we were feed as humans today, always on a day of execution when there’s visitors on the unit they feed us a great lunch tray. We had a chicken quarter, with mashed tator’s, red beans and mixed veggies, two pieces of fresh baked bread, all prepared nicely. I was laying here reading before show and I heard one of the other condemned people say “do we have an execution today, we have chicken on the tray?”

Now how sad is that folks, that the ones around this place who have death sentences themselves only think of the executions by what’s on the trays. This is one backwards place I tell ya! Texas Polunsky Unit is ALL about show, the outer appearance of the prison ~ nice and modern ~ the inner is a filthy dungeon. And the nicely prepared trays only when we have visitors on the Unit – “oh look how well they feed death row… BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!

I watched a small gathering of officials at noon walk out the person set to die a few hours from now. Normally about 18 or 20 people giving handshakes and slaps on the backs, the good ole boy way. Today only about 9 showed up… off to the death van they go.


True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman

Texas Death House – 2009


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