A storm is brewing! (Part 3)


Death Blog – Texas Death Row

April 14th 2009 7:15am

The nightmare continues- tales from a dead man.

Last night another incident kicked off on our pod. It seems the night shift sergeant from population came to our pod and had the sole purpose to harass an individual. So this sergeant arrives at this man’s cell and began barking commands of shake down. The next thing that happened was unexpected. The inmate must be had squirt bottles ready with human waste inside because he went squirting fecal matter from these bottles and sent 3 guards running for cover, chocking and gagin’ as they ran.


Then a few minutes later the riot teams arrived and went to gassing this man’s cell in order to get him out. Well this went on for several long minutes, the smell of human waste and gas is still in the air as I write this – good day to be alive!

Now the new Polunsky raid squad has tried to sneak in and turn off the water in the section next to ours, the same section the trouble was in last night, so this is a revenge raid. As I said yesterday, the storm is brewing and things are getting worse by the day. As I write this I can hear the screams and complaints, mattresses being tossed from two row to the floor below, sheets still attached, the damn Gestapo raid teams are mad! And they wonder why men act like animals and throw fecal matter. You can’t treat us like animals and expect us to act as man.

The storm is brewing!

True American till the End!!

Mark Anthony Stroman

Texas Death Row, 2009


One Response to “A storm is brewing! (Part 3)”

  1. I just happened onto this blog. I am wondering how you are able to write your comments on the Internet. I also have a loved one at Polunsky.

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