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Texas Death Row

March 10th 2009  4:46am

Welcome to my nightmare. I awoke to the sound of screaming, inside my head. Good morning death row! What a great day to be alive. No comfort zone is in sight. Need some coffee and a few happy memories, but to find those I’ll need to dig deep. Am I insane? Sometimes it seems like suicide is the only solution, but I’m not that brave.
We have another execution today. The smell of death is in the air. We also have another set for tomorrow. I’m not sure how many I’ve been here thru, well over 200. I’ve lost count again! As I said what a great day to be alive. I wonder what the man who is 13 hours away from death is thinking right this moment? Surely he is not asleep, is he pacing his floor? Writing goodbye letters? Or perhaps he is making peace with Jesus? Or with himself? It’s hard to say what one is thinking while awaiting that injection to the land of Oz.  “WHEW”
There’s plenty of time for grave markers and eulogies later. There I go laughing at death again. I’m like that man on the bed of nails. I may grimace in pain but I somehow find it in me to laugh at the irony of where I lay my head, yet there is frustration. I’m not an easy man to like these days, I don’t even like what I’ve found out about me. The things one learns of himself in times like these are really disturbing.
I was coming back from seeing Mrs. Wilcox, my 82 year old spiritual advisor who comes to visit me each month, bless her heart, and on the way back I saw something very disturbing, upon entering 12 building which house’s death row and about 110 ad seg offenders, there’s the x-ray machine- conveyer belt and all, the kind you would see at your airports, Court Houses and some of the American Schools (due to violence). So as I’m walking up the sidewalk escorted by two young guards fresh out of high school I might add, there’s a line of food carts piled up… traffic jam so to say. But what it is, we have guards who are not wearing hair nets or gloves pushing all of the food that’s prepared for death row thru this expensive x-ray machine and the lids are removed and it’s an assembly line event. I am absolutely shocked! Now I know why our food is ice cold and the mystery dust on some of the food is solved. Now I know damn well if the health inspector people were to see that they would end that instantly. I’m not even sure if food is able to be ran thru x-ray machines?
Speaking of food, I do believe this Unit is in direct violation but have no one to oversee what is being fed to us. Just like the Johnny Sack issue I reported on a few months back, well the actual food trays are absolutely sickening! We get no meats anymore, noodles and some watery stew each week. At times they feed the exact same thing for days, Chili-Mac and this month alone we have had three pancakes fed to us 8 days in a row. We get a spoon full of grits and about 12 raisins. That’s how we are fed. At 3:00am in the morning!
The Federal Government had to step in many years ago because Texas was treating their prisoners so bad, Texas lost all control, and I believe with the Fed’s handing back the prison system to these clowns in 2001 was a bad mistake. No one is watching how things are ran. It’s inhumane, the filth, lack of nutrition, lack of medical care, blah blah blah blah. Yes it’s a good day to be alive.

True American Til The End

Mark Anthony Stroman, 2009


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