Texas Death Row March 5th 2009 9:42am

Welcome to my nightmare! The Texas executioner has claimed two more this week. They have been busy in Huntsville Texas . Not sure what I’m feeling at the moment. I’m unraveling, unsure and very undetermined. This existence is hell… 2009 – In the USA ! Is it really going down like this, can this just b one bad dream? God I hope so… It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to write these thoughts down.

Yesterday I watched the death squad escort a man from the visitation room, The Death Walk… to the heavily and well guarded van of execution. Just seeing all of this from my small window puts cold chills down my spine. 10 dead in Texas Since the 14th of January:

Curtis Moore

Frank Moore

Reginald Perkins

Virgil Martinez

Ricardo Ortiz

David Martinez

Dale Scheanette

Johnny Johnson

Willie Pondexter

Kenneth Morris

In 49 days the State of Texas has killed all the above in the name of Justice. Murder is Murder! Do you know that when the death warrant, or let me say death certificate is issued in Huntsville to the family it says Cause of death- Homicide They’re admitting they are killing! INJUSTICE! As I said, murder is murder. How can the State say it’s wrong to kill and then kill for punishment? On March 3rd 2009 two Texas lawmakers have filed to the legislators to eliminate the death penalty from the State penal code. House Bill 682, authored by Houston Rep. Jessica Farrar (D) and co-authored by Ft. Worth Rep. Lon Burnan (D) was filed in Texas late January. They say it’s filed on “moral grounds” and not solely because of the mounting costs of litigation and court appeals. This will likely be laughed at but it’s a start in the right ole direction! Send the executioner to the unemployment lines! We have been having a lot of men being gassed the past few weeks. The conditions continue to get worse and on top of that we are now having to deal with the constant harassing of the new regional Gestapo search teams. Now check this out- they are saying this is to combat contraband entry. So why in the hell are these raid teams being ordered to destroy our cells and throw out legal documents? We have death sentences, so our legal work is sacred, but not to these clowns. I’ve had all of my transcripts thrown out in one of these raids so I’m not speaking on hearsay. What is really going on? The Regional Director’s are mad and are ordering this to be done. What’s it gonna take to get these folks to do proper searches? Some are speaking of violence, but that’s what these people want. What needs to be done, the friends and supporters, loved ones, need to voice their complaints and concerns. What it boils down to is this: Senator Whitmire is threatening to fire the Regional Directors so they are retaliating and having our cells and legal work tore up as a punishment. Polunsky Guards have said so! So we on the inside need ya’lls help and support! We all understand we are in a high security prison and shake downs are part of our world, but not destruction of belongings and then lying and saying it is not happening! HELP IF YOU CAN! Well I know I’m sorta jumping around on this entry, and I’m sorry for any confusion I’ve caused, but let me take the time to say a few words of praise to the “Journey of Hope” which has recently mentioned I was touched by this article that Renu Nahata had wrote. Now some of you out there have no idea of this group, but they are murder victims family members speaking out and telling their stories of love, forgiveness and understanding. Hoping for an end to the cycle of violence. To ending the death penalty. This is a rare and courageous thing and so needed in the cause. These people are what fuels me to continue to fight the daily struggle of the row. So I praise you all- The Journey of Hope and all of the Anti-Death Penalty groups. Hell I even hope them pro-death people can find peace in their hearts. I know from experience that emotions will almost push “ALL” common sense out of the way and take over. A popular misconception, hiding from pain doesn’t help heal a wound. It simply gives it a place to hide and fester! I’ve ran my head long enough today, so I’ll close this out…

til next time.

True American Texas Death Row Mark Anthony Stroman, 2009


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