January 17,2009 4:29am


Death Blog

Texas Death Row

Written from the hole

Welcome to the insanity tour! Things inside Texas Death Row may seem calm and peaceful from the modern looking facility but I can say this with all honesty, looks can be deceiving as hell. A few more incidents have kicked off that I need to report on, as I said in my blog a few days ago, I had been HIT with writers block and some Holiday depression so I took the needed time to chase all of the old demons from inside my head. FAR AWAY…

We had our first Texecution of 2009 on the 14th of January. Five more are set to die in the death chamber this month alone. The executioner is gonna be able to buy that new carefree luxury model automobile this year with all of his death money. Money he is paid to murder for the injustice system… I had one time read that he or she was paid up to $600 per murder. Not sure how real that is but all that money can’t clear one’s mind at the end of the day…. Or can it?

Not let me tell you as of a few of the latest incidents before I start letting the voice inside my head take over this blog. About a month or more ago, on a regular pod on death row an officer had slammed a condemned inmate to the ground on the way to the shower. This officer did this to a handcuffed man, who weighs about 130 lbs. is about 5’3” tall. The inmate was handcuffed behind his back; he was in no way or form a threat to this officer. He had been on his way to his shower… well they always side with their officers on any type of incident… the officers are never at fault on Polunsky Unit! Well they bring this inmate to the hole for his part of being slammed, crazy as it sounds, that’s exactly how it happened. Well a few days ago, that same officer was down here working the hole and must have forgot his dirty deed of slamming this man, well the inmate was no so forgiving and reached out and cut this guard. It’s sad that this kind of stuff happens. If the guard would of not abused his authority then he wouldn’t be in the shape he’s in now! Sad!

And by “NO” means am I saying I agree with the inmate or the guard… what I am bringing lip is how these officers are abusing their authority… to slam a man while handcuffed behind his back is wrong. And this happens a lot back here!

Now for the next incident we had been fed some spoiled beans. I had no idea beans could spoil, but I assure you they can. So we had our trays brought to us and the lima beans made you “spit” them out as soon as they entered your mouth. Sour and absolutely gross. So a few men “jacked” the pan slot in the door. Jacked is a term used by us when something has been taken… so the food slots are jacked and the officers are forced to halt all operations and go fetch the shift supervisor, so good ole Sergeant “Ludwig” arrives and is trying to defuse the problem, he says he has no control over the food… so he is now denying us part of our food calorie count set by the higher ups.

Now we still have the “jacked” food slots, which have a arm hanging from the opening. Good ole “Sergeant Ludwig” decides to use pepper spray and he sprays the men in their faces until they give back the jacked food slots. This is abusive and wrong. All these guys wanted was their food. Now they are waiting for more trouble to arise from the ones who got gassed. Let me tell ya folks I’m in the next section over and I felt the effects over here. Not a nice place to be!

So I’ll close this one out and will report more as the abusive conditions un-fold.

Till death do us part!

True American till the end!


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