January 13th 2009 Texas Death Row.


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January 13th 2009 Texas Death Row

Written from the Hole 6:48pm

Welcome back, it’s time for more news of this nightmare. Just a few days ago I re-surfaced with my first blog of the year and had said how peaceful it had been around this place. Well that changed and now it’s back to normal. CHAOS and little demons dancing about inside my head.

Yesterday, January 12th about 9:30aqm the Good Squad did a raid on a few select few once again. Which I now get raided every month, no big surprise and I don’t have a problem with it, I’m in this place and that goes with the territory. What I do have a problem with is the next part of the story…

Huntsville Texas, home base of the Texas Prison System has created a regional raid team to so “search raids” on the prison units in that region, and yesterday they hit us back here on the row. Don’t know how many others had been hit but I know about 14 of us on F-Pod the hole had been hit. And hit HARD! Now let me give you a bit of Texas Prison Policy. It’s not allowed to have any property on the floor of your cell… at all times your belongings must be stored in the allotted spots beneath your bunk or on the shelf. Just so you readers are aware of this. That’s what policy says and you could be given a disciplinary case for not following these rules.

So this regional Gestapo Squad arrives with reporters from a Huntsville newspaper. They raid a few cells~ the first ones are in some way involved with that Richard Tabler phone scandal… not Tabler himself, but a few who have said to of used that phone. So they pull them out and place them in the showers and their cells are searched and all types of high tech toys are used to detect phone signals and such… they even have a underwater camera they snake into the toilet to see if you have a phone in the inner part of the plumbing pipes. Now while the well mannered officers are doing this, the news media is taking a few photos of the procedure and the surrounding things had been done nice and neat since the media was there and taking photos. They only stayed for two of the first cells. Yes can you see where this story is heading now? THE CHAOS BEGINS!

Now I will speak on my own personal story. I’m pulled out of my cell by the regular death row officers who are working F-Pod. The raid squad is being done by guards from another prison and their faces and names are un-known to us. So I’m placed outside in the cool crisp air for about two hours while this Gestapo raid team completed the other 12 cells, mine included. So there’s 11 more condemned men scattered about the rec cages out of view from their cell’s. That ain’t cool either!

So as I’m escorted back to my cage by the death row guards I stop in at my cell door and stare in disbelief at the complete and utter destruction of my property. ALL of my legal works is dumped into another massive pile. Folders torn and all papers once again mixed together. This is being done by “Design or Neglect”. I refuse to go into my cell until a death row sergeant is brought to my cell to witness this mess. As I’m standing there, my neighbor said they swept out a lot of papers from my cell and are now in a massive pile and in the trash cans. These papers were all of my remaining trial transcripts!!!!

When the sergeant arrives he is saying he can’t do anything because Huntsville ordered the search raid… so what he is saying is that it was Huntsville who destroyed my cell and ruined all of my legal work and is at fault for all the trial transcripts to be thrown out. This is NOT the first time this has happened. This is MY LIFE! I have an on-going appeal I’m working on and these raid squads are destroying any and all traces of my legal plight!

So, as I get further into my cell I see all of my family photos and loved ones all on the floor with boot prints on top of them. The same boot prints are on my sheets which are also on the floor, my cell is a total mess. Now I’m not sure how many of you are aware of the actual size of a death row cell, I’m sure there are a few photos out there online somewhere, but it took me 5 hours to get my cell back into a normal setting. All but my legal work. That’s ruined and half is missing. Yes people, it’s been a rough start to this week. Only God knows what’s next!

So as I mentioned before, anything on your cell floor is considered a un-kept cell and is a violation of policy, but it’s all right when it’s them breaking policy. Double standard. So what I am going to do? The next time they show up at my cell I’ll have them gas me to extract me from it. I’m not the only one who feels this way. So if they continue to say Huntsville is to blame then let them deal with the paperwork involved in the gassing of men just to search their cells. I don’t have a problem with being searched, but when it’s done that way and all of your belongings are walked on it’s a bit nerve bending and I won’t allow it again. If they want to search me in a normal fashion, that’s good. If not, they can search a cell full of gassed up property after I’m yanked out by my feet!

Now I have just filed a “step one grievance” on this whole incident, so I’m trying to resolve this in a peaceful manner, but it will also take the help from you out there. I ask all of you who can and will- to voice your complaints to Huntsville Texas. I also know there’s a place called the Ombudsman office as well. So if any of you can do this I’d really appreciate the help. I don’t look forward to being gassed but I’m not gonna continue to have my cell destroyed each time the Gestapo raids us!

Well I’ll close this one out. Keep us in your prayers and I’ll report more later.


3 Responses to “January 13th 2009 Texas Death Row.”

  1. How to Contact a TDCJ Ombudsman

    (Please submit inquiries in writing)
    For expediency, it is best to attempt to resolve issues and obtain information at the unit or parole office level:

    Ombudsman Coordinator
    General Issues concerning the agency’s operation and policy and procedures.
    P.O. Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342-0099
    (936) 437-8035 (936) 437-8067 fax

  2. Hello Danielle, I have written the big “O” many times about other inmates grivences and complaints of the prisons Un-Justice ways the Officers perform. I am even proved they lied by sending them copies of grivences and copies of their replies to me. They will always take the side of the Officer even when they are proven wrong. I continue to write and complain anyway because I object to what goes on in there and against the law. There is a “Ruiz” law that says the Officers must eat the same food as the inmates. The officers make specail orders of eggs, bacon, sausage or request fried chicken when that is not was served. The officers also get all the deserts they want. I will continue to report it but it is to no avail.

  3. Danielle Allen Says:

    Thank you Annette for your efforts! Any and all help is appreciated. If enough people report the issues one day they will listen. At least I hope they will.

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