Death Blog… United States of America!


Written by Mark Stroman TRUE AMERICAN!

Welcome back to my nightmare friends and enemies alike… may 2009 be a blessed little journey for us all. I’ve been somewhat missing in action the last few weeks and I have no real excuse for it… well I can say I had the Holiday Blues, which is a real emotion I fought with ~ but mainly I just needed to ease up and regroup ! chase off some inner demons~ and found a few that had been asleep. Ain’t life just grand!

I still reside in the hole~ F Pod ~ Texas Death Camp, Livingston Texas… United States of America. All has been rather calm the last few weeks. No one has been gassed or wounded from direct hits from tear gas canisters… no one has committed suicide, and that goes for inmates and guards alike. And no one has pulled out their eye and ate it… yes folks that really did happen to a sick person here on the row about a month ago. More on that later, it’s still a bit shocking~ for this is NOT normal behavior at all.

Now let me back up and “dial” ya’ll in on how we was treated on Christmas Day. Now brace yourselves for this next part is rare and will surely make some un-wanted viewers mad as hell, you know who you are so no need to point fingers or call out names! 😛 But we were treated like real people ~ human beings ~ a name, not just a number… how do you ask? By the way we were fed. I was impressed and grateful for the meal that we had brought to our cages. We had a tray that we call the “Cold Tray” brought to us first. It contained “four” good size pieces of pie… we also had a “Johnny” sack brought to us but it had two sandwiches with salami and cheese. This was for the last meal of the day. Then we had the Christmas meal brought to us… which was full and overflowing~ pork chop, brisket, tator salad, red beans, dressing/stuffing, cole slaw, biscuits, green beans with onions… it was enough to put you to sleep after eating it. Yes I was grateful and proud for once!

So now it’s New Years Eve and I am blessed that I have one good view from this cage I’m in  the hole. So I was able to catch a very impressive display of fireworks. Yes I was perched up on a stack of legal work so I was able to stand at the small window and view this. Brought back some good ole’ memories I tell ya. It was somewhat nice to see, even though directly beyond my view is one of the death towers of Polunsky, machine gun in hand ~ guard who looks like some Nazi Concentration Camp ghost, walking back and forth. But even he stopped to view this sight that engulfed the night sky. HELLO 2009!!!

So now we are back to the real deal… reality of Polunsky. Which is death… Justice or Injustice… however you may view it… we have six state approved murders set for this month of January… the next three weeks six men are set to die in Texas alone and many more for the following months. The smell of death is in the air folks!

Well that’s about all for this round. I’ll be back and will get the inner news of this hellish place out as best as I can. For all the people who are out there and have a loved one inside this place or on any death camp unit in the USA, your support and voice does help. So stop standing in the background ~ GET INVOLVED before it’s too late!


God Bless Us All!


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