Death Blog….August 12th 2008 2:56pm

Due to space limitation  we have not published all of Mark’s blogs. We begin this week by publishing some of  Mark’s archived blogs which   have not been published before. We will keep each blog for 3-4 days  until we  have published all the 12 missing blogs. After that they could be read in the archives.


Welcome back…The Insanity Tour…Never a dull moment!

I figured it was time to open this up again…lots of craziness and depression flowing through this place…not sure what to say or even how to start it… Tonight we have a ¨Texecution Murder¨ for Leon Dorsey. Let the guards tell it and the story goes like this: the most dangerous man on the planet, and we expect trouble out of him. Well I just watched them take him to the death van and he was not looking dangerous to me…lots of hype and gossip.

Yes people, just a few hours ago we all watched 28 people gather up for the short walk to the death van…it´s crazy indeed…they had a six or seven man riot team all suited up with shields ready to gas and pounce on this condemned and handcuffed man…if he so decided to put up a fight…it´s a no win situation when Texas wants you dead…

Now I don´t know who the hell all the plain clothes people are but I can assure you there was a huge crowd of them, some were wardens and the high ranking goons of the death machine, but why in the hell does that final walk from Polunsky visiting room to the doom van have to be done with all these people who have no right to be part of this? They laugh and joke and speak of things that they will do after work, as this Texas condemned man walks his last little walk on the Polunsky Unit. Huntsville bound. The Walls Unit. The Death Chamber is waiting.

Now I´m uncertain as to how all this works but it´s got to be a very high security thing. We all could see the death squad pull out in all their vehicles to run security on the drive there. Several cars in front and many more in the back, fully loaded with a high amount of fire power.

Most of the guys who knew this man are speaking about this, he was saying how ¨hard¨he was gonna go with the death squad came to take him away. I guess most of his homeboys are disappointed that he went without a fight. Hell how does one fight a gang of officers like that? Over 25 or more. So the last hours of this man´s life will be peaceful and gas free.

So at 6:00 pm Texas will send this man to the other side of the light. Pumped full of toxic bug juice, in the name of justice…WHATEVER!

Yesterday on another pod on this building we had a little freaky man who is a child predator, pedophile, attempt to hang himself on the outside recreation yard. He climbed up the bars that I´d say are about 30 feet high and then he tied a sheet to them, the other end around his neck…and jumped. Well the little retard who is only about 4´10¨ failed at this too, he was just dangling in mid air they said.

So in order to get this dude down they had to suit up the riot team and gas him, yes ya´ll read right…gassed a man who is hanging from the bars. They do this because he is un-cuffed and these people here will not come in unless you are properly gassed and no longer a threat in their eyes. HELLO people this person whas not a threat to anyone but himself! We have no little children here for him to prey on! What a crazy place to be! Is this a damn dream or WHAT?

Yes that´s a procedure at the Polunsky Unit…Death Row. If you are in your cell and was to have a stroke or a heart attack and was unresponsive, in order to get any medical help(which is a JOKE) these people will have to gas you before they can come in your cell. That´s right. They even gas you if you´re already dead. Seen it with my own eyes. Ain´t human nature just an awesome thing! What a great day to be alive!!!

Well I´m gonna close this out, unsure how I´m feeling at the moment and hate it when I get this way. Death seems so peaceful at times.


3 Responses to “Death Blog….August 12th 2008 2:56pm”

  1. How is the cell phone ordeal coming along? How will they punish you? What other evidence do they have against you besides finding it in your cell?

  2. “J” They have never proved there was a cell phone to this day (1-12-11) in Marks’ cell. There is NO Evidence! There was no punishment! They found 2 loose screws in his typewritter and removed it. So, Guess what, he now has a new typewritter! Do you think they would give him another one if they had found one in his old typewritter. You people just love gruesome news; you remind me of “is the head dead yet”. You also remind me of all the people that are Jealous of Ted Williams with the golden voice. He was homeless and when they discovered his voice he became instantly famous and rich. Good for him! I love a happy story and wish him all the best as I do Mark. People like you are still looking for bad things to say about him. Ted had admitted to everything and held back nothing on Nation Wide TV and Thee Rightous Dr. Phil brought on TV everything in Ted’s life he had ever done wrong like Americans do not know that a homeless man might get a citication. I hope Dr. Phil and all the rest of you trying to degrade someone have the same done to your secret lives, especially Dr. Phil and the writters on Ted by the People’s Magazine. Mark has also admitted to everything. Relax “J” and just float. Oh, one more than; I received a type written letter from him today so I know what I am talking about.

    • mark jones Says:

      hey annette. would you be so sympathetic if it was one of your family members whom mark killed? this blog should represent everyones views whether pro or con. why dont you float and get a grip on reality?

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