Texas Death Row- Written from the Hole!


December 6th , 2008 -Evening hours

Welcome to my nightmare. It’s has been several days since I have been able to get the flow of the Pen in perfect order…things are just out of hand and I have had no energy nor the will to  write lately…Could it be the Holidays, or perhaps  it is just everything combined- The past few months  have been a bit  stressful & chaotic…”whew” ….what a nightmare…god blesses us all!

Well we had an officer blow his brains out in the parking lot a few nights ago.  So that  should show  you that the stress is wide spread. This officer -“Mr. Woods” had been a marine -and very much fit  the stereotype of a man  most  would call”G.I. Joe”-hat and all. He was a strictly by the book type of a guard-you knew  that head of time-but he treated  you with  respect and like a man- a human being. He has been here the whole time I have been here and has even  raided my cell a few times years ago. But he did it  the “correct way”. If he searched  your cell, you  can bet  he did it thoroughly -an he also respected  your belongings -put them all  back as  he had found them. Then he would explain  why he was confiscating  said items….by the book!

well  he worked  our Pad  back here in the  F Pod and he was here the night  he  “ate the bullet ” in his own vehicle. He was his normal self  , but  he no longer was  hard on  us. He was also tired  of the way the administration was treating him …and he voiced his views. Rumor  has it  “Billy Hirsch” fired him …this is what we all heard.

You could  tell the change in him. “Mr. Woods”, he was  a likable person and he  was one of the few  who was treating us as we were human…amazing enough-some of us are!.  It’s still  a shock  to us all. He was laughing and talking to us all  minutes before  he killed himself . He was Jewish and even made a Jewish joke and had us all laughing.  He is no longer with the living ! Why?

The night of this incident  he defused a problem-someone  on another section  “jacked”  the  Pan hole- the slot in the door   that  is opened by the  guard to feed you or to pass out any  items  you may require.  Well I am not sure  what went wrong – but he was called  to see  the ranking officer on the shift.. What was said  it’s uncertain. but  “Mr.  Woods” went on  a break and said he wouldn’t be coming  back!    May God rest his Soul!

What prompts a man  to eat a bullet? This mas is working on the row- men are being executed in an alarming  rate ..dying to live…living to die . And he  who has his freedom  takes his own life  right before the Christmas Holidays…I guess  the tension has become  unbearable.

The  goon Squad brought in another man  this morning. Right  at the start of the shift-5 riot team and  they had already  strapped him to a gurney  and brought him to the  “hole”. What  a way to start the day?! A storm is brewing?! As human beings we are  being oppressed   and scandalously  treated in an intolerable fashion.

Till the next time

True American Till Death!

Mark Anthony   Stroman, 2008

Dead Man talking


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