¨Death Blog¨ Texas Death Row……..November 17th 2008!
Written-From The Hole-Level III!

Welcome to my nightmare…Things have went from bad to worse- I froze all weekend long and am still cold as ice…They took all of my property- this was done on the 12th and that includes all my legal material, all of my postage stamps, all of my hygeine-all of my winter clothes and jacket…I’m in this cold cell with a pair of boxers on…that´s it, and it´s cold! My door is sealed up- I have no way to put my mail out- I’ve got plexi-glass over the door and am in the worst section on the row…gassing and abusive raids…I see this becoming the worst few months of my life!

The blog Ilan did on ¨Bacolod In The Philippines¨ -VS- Polunsky Death Row in Texas¨ is indeed true…The exterior of this place is new and modern- but the inner is evil and a big step back in time… I predicted two things during the last few weeks- I was doomed to the Hole and my typewriter would be confiscated- and it was- and I am in the Hole… Now the reason they are taking my typewriter- bogus claims- It was without the screws, due to them opening it up and looking for contraband- then they leave the screws out, which then make it ¨altered¨ &  ¨contraband¨- angry as hell- yes I am…They gave me 15 days of recreation restriction on top of the confiscation and Hole punishment…

There is no way to dispute the prison´s version- on any charge that has been added to me! So my typewriter is forever gone- it cost over $100 and I´ll not be allowed to even send it to my loved ones- Texas will keep it- just as they do all confiscated items….This is the punishment for doing these blogs- but I will not be silenced or be broken by these evil tactics… I’m cold- hungry and still a true American…

More to follow soon…
-Mark Stroman-

A few hours later…Same day- 11-17-08

The Riot Team just gassed a man on the outside recreation cage- my cell is located against the wall next to this so I was able to hear the whole ordeal- the man has been without his property for a month- no access to the courts or any type of needed item in his possesion- so he ¨jacked¨ the rec cage to get someone to come down to speak with him and tell him why he has not been given any of his property…Well the deal went sour and he was gassed bad…and they even used the big pellet gun-This gun is just like the recreational paint ball type- but the pellet´s are tear gas instead of paint… I counted 19 shots fired and then a 5 man team in full riot gear rushed in and smashed this poor soul… ¨All he wanted was his property¨… So now they brought him back to his cell in his boxers and is not even treated for his injuries! This is how its done back in the inner halls of PolunskyDeath Row!

I am still without any of my property, so I guess this is what I´ll have to endure over the next few days- I hope not, but if so- It is what it is!

-True American-


3 Responses to “DEATH BLOG”

  1. TinamarieMizzero Says:

    Unbelieveable! How is this possible in the US? This sounds more like it would be happening in a third world country!

    Hang on Mark.. You have alot of supporters out here!

  2. I am wondering how you got your typewritter back and you were in the hole?

  3. I watch “Prison Abroad” on TV and what is going on in Death Roll at Livingston is worse! I do not know how you stand it and sometimes you even joke. Unbelievably terrifying!

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